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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

History of AnimationFinal AssignmentAditi RajagopalF12DM07232C

David GibsonCharacter AnimatorRingling School of Art and DesignElectronic ArtsTippett StudioSony PicturesTurtle Rock Studios

These are movies David worked on VFX for.

MayaLinuxPhotoshopPremiereShakeImage ReadySubtle movements that add to a characterSkills

His InspirationThe movie that sparked my interest in animation was Jurassic Park, that film still has some of the greatest digital and practical effects ever created.  Disney films and the Pixar films certainly inspired me, but I still found myself going back to that T-Rex ripping people apart…so awesome.

I like him becauseHe brings animation to lifeHe adds subtle elements that go unnoticedHe’s worked hard and gone far in the industryHe creates realistic animation as wellI’m inspired by his work

For anyone who is hoping for a career in animation I gotta say, never give up.  Animation is very hard and you have to be dedicated to succeed.  With hard work and determination you can have a really fun career and work with some awesome people.  At the end of the day, do what makes you happy and have fun.Words of Wisdom

Mark Alan ParsonsHe hasn’t undergone any formal animation trainingHe just bought a second hand Cintiq during the recession which he used to pursue a hobbyHe is 27 years oldHe has a really good sense of humour

Started drawing as a hobby, and made small animationsHis passion drove him to the position of lead animator on the hit TV show ‘Archer’His private project, ‘The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction’ went viral overnightHis Story

Techniques2DUsing Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Flash etc.CartoonsFan fictionAttention to detail in animatingHe is self taughtMakes animations by himself

I like him becauseHe was dedicated enough to pursue animationHe has a great sense of humourHe works on independent animation and does work other than his jobHe is a self made personHe pays a lot of attention to detailHe readily shares information with fans and enthusiasts

Words of Wisdom…I think the important thing is, everything is what you make it.  There are people who go to school for something and graduate being horrible at that something, and there are people who just teach themselves that something and end up being good at that something.  Just keep doing, and you’ll keep learning!

Flint Lockwood is an inventor who lives in the dull town of Swallow Falls. But when he invents a food processor which converts water to food and accidentally launches it into the atmosphere, things get a lot more interesting. It begins to rain food in the town, which grows progressively bigger to the point where it becomes a danger to the town. Flint finally deactivates the machine, saving Swallow Falls.Summary

Released in 2009 by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Columbia PicturesDirected by Phil Lord and Chris MillerBased on a book by the same nameCritically acclaimed and commercially successfulSequel is out in less than a week! Grossed $243 million worldwideEnjoyed by adults and kids alike

The CastScreenplay and DirectionPhil Lord and Chris MillerBill Hader asFlint LockwoodAnna Farris as Sam SparksNeil Patrick Harris as SteveAndy Samberg as Baby BrentJames Caan as Tim LockwoodMr. T as Earl Devereaux

Why is it special?Realistic looking props in an animated movieThe animators spent a great deal of time and effort making the food look realistic and appetizing. The textures and colours are very accurate. Even though it is a cartoon-like movie, the food was made to look very realistic, and animated appropriately as well.

Why is it special?Sound effects Behind the scenes, there is a lot of research that goes on, they have a special team to work on sound effects, for example, to make the hamburgers falling, they used a wet cloth on a wooden board.

Why is it special?Squash, stretch and exaggerationThe movie makes good use of principles of animation and uses more exaggeration than Disney. This makes it more comical and charming.

Why is it special?The Jell-O sceneThere’s a scene in the movie where Flint and Sam are in a house made of jelly, and I find this one of the most interesting scenes as an animation student, because the entire environment is made of a semi-solid, so every step will have an effect on the environment.

Why is it successful?It is really loud and colourful, so it appeals to childrenIt has a charming storyMore use of exaggeration and other principles than the average Disney filmIt was nominated for a lot of awards but sadly didn’t bag any awards; as it lost to Disney’s ‘Up’

In a humorous fan-fiction story, the members of the band One Direction are superheroes, who under the direction of their Supervisor Psymon have to stop the villain Faptaguise from kidnapping pussy cats and taking them to a different dimension.Summary

The Adventurous Adventures of One DirectionIt’s a YouTube videoIt’s a one man home production, by a self taught animatorOne Direction fan fiction in the form of a parodyUploaded in May 2012Made a sequel in 2013

He met the actual band and is now working on an official fan fiction with the actual voices of the members.

Why is it special?It’s a commercial quality animation on par with 2D TV shows.It was made as a personal project during his free timeHe learned the techniques without spending anything on classes.

Why is it special?Good lip-syncing

Why is it special?Expressive character animation

Why is it successful?First well-made fan fictionSkilled animationGood sense of humour

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