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Published Oct 16, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Exodus IIZach Riederman and Zach Rubenstein

Narrative and ObjectivesCritical Failure and escapeFixing Exodus IICalling for helpAvoiding Hazards

Camera, Player Abilities, and ControlsThird-person over-the-shoulder camera viewPlayer may run, jump, climb, store objects, and use toolsUses a PS4 DualShock for controlsleft stick - walk R1 - inventory right stick - change camera R2 - run square, triangle, O - tools X - jump/climb

Obstructions, Repair Targets, and Toolsfire, explosions, toxic fumes, metal shrapnel, large height gaps, oxygenless rooms, chemical radiation, wild electricitypower generators, computers, electronic doorways, ventilation systems, objects on fire, broken pipe systems, broken wire systemswelding torch, forklift, pipe, wire, oil, metal materials, saw, fire extinguisher

Player DeathPlayer dies when coming in contact with any primary obstructionUpon death, player respawns at most recent checkpoint within the particular level

Art Style and Particle EffectsRealisticMaintenance and Main Area dichotomyHazards and particles


MusicQuiet and ambient musicSlightly darker in maintenance areasIncreases in tempo and volume with introduction of obstructions and tension

Triggered and Atmosphere Sound EffectsSound effects for all player actionsSounds of character breathing to increase immersionDoors opening and obstructions being cleared or repairedAmbient sound of cooling fans or fluorescent lights enhance eerie and lonely atmosphere

Exodus IIOur goal is to create an experience in which the player is immersed in a secluded environment and feels somewhat afraid. It is a new take on the survival-horror genre because the danger is created through environmental hazards rather than other life-forms. Exodus II is targeted towards core gamers and aficionados of horror or sci-fi genres. It is likely to appeal most to males ages 18-34.