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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

HaitiM1 February 2016M1 MAY 2016

Quick factsFrench and Haitian Creole9.9 million people, 1 million in Port-au-PrinceLowest Human Development Index in the AmericasMost mountainous country in Caribbean Haiti = “Land of Mountains”3 physicians per 10,000 (1998)U.S. – 25 physicians per 10,000 (2013)

ISSUEs affecting Health80% of Haitians live below poverty line50% categorized as “food insecure” <50% have access to clean water2-5% suffer from HIV/AIDS – 2nd most prevalent after AfricaHealthy life expectancy is 63 years old43% receive recommended immunizationsLack of healthcare makes residents very susceptible to treatable diseases, especially in rural areas

Patient demographicsHypertensionDiabetes Malnutrition & DehydrationGERDSTIs & Vaginal InfectionsParasites, Worms, Tropical FungiTinea Corporis/CapitisScabiesDiarrheaCholera

M1 Haiti Trips Trip Coordinator: Chris Davis, M2 (February)Jake Burke, M2 (May)When: February 21th – January 27rd May (week after final exams)Coming on the trip:Physicians (TBD)WSU Pharmacy StudentsM4sYou!

Mourne L’hopitalVillage in the mountains 2 hours from PAPWorking with Rays of Hope for Haiti, a non-profit org based out of Grand Rapids, MIM2 December trip is one of three trips WHSO sends to Mourne L’hopital per year.Continuity of careAble to implement EMR system, provide patients with follow-ups throughout the yearSustainable difference in the communityDestination

AccommodationsFather Roosevelt’s guest houseAmenities:Roof and wallsBeds, but may need to bring air mattress3 bathrooms with showers and toiletsAll meals includedClean drinking waterWifiCoffeeSafety

Plan for the Week1 day of travel to Mourne L’hopital4-5 clinic days1 break dayBeachVisa LoungeGertrude’s OrphanageMuseumsIron MarketTin CityApparent ProjectOther ideas… 1 day of travel to Detroit

Approximate CostsFlights -- $850-900Daily Fees (housing, food) -- $450Transportation (bus, driver, gas) -- $150Translators -- $140Rays of Hope Fee -- $50Security -- $100Miscellaneous -- $200TOTAL -- $1600-1800

Why you?Practice skills Interview and presentation Vitals PD Working with a translator PharmacyLogistical experienceExperience the cultureChance to practice pure clinical medicine with a patient demographic that truly needs your help

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