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Published Aug 22, 2015 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Ecuador 2016Tentative Dates:M1: Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 20Trip leader: Jen Prouty M2: Saturday, March 12th – Sunday, March 20thTrip leader: Dan DePorre

About EcuadorPopulation ~ 15 millionLarge majority speak SPANISH!Don’t worry if you don’t know Spanish, there are Amigos Medicos language sessions throughout the year at school & we will have translatorsEcuador straddles the equator!The eat A LOT of seafood! (fish, shrimp, ceviche)The Galapagos are 620 miles west of the mainland

Patient DemographicsPotential Patients: Cotundo is a county of approximately 1000 peopleWe expect to see about 400 of those patients Demographics:Most patients will be rural farm workersChronic conditions: malnutrition, diabetes, & heart disease are the main problemsOther common illnesses: flu, upper respiratory tract infections, joint & muscle pain, arthritis, GERD, gastroenteritis, & fungal infections PARASITES

WHSOBoth M1 and M2 trips will be coordinated with our in-country host, Jorge Vargas & the local community of CotundoStudents will have the opportunity to set-up and provide local health care to the surrounding villages who have little access to hospitals/ health centersStudents will stay in hostels & eat meals there or out at local eateriesAt the end of the week students will have the opportunity to visit the Galapagos or explore the Amazon

Who comes along?M2 Spring:M2sPhysiciansM4s/ResidentsM1 Summer:M1sPhysiciansPharmacy StudentsPharmacist

M1 Itinerary: May 9-20Cotundo/ Galapagos2 full days of travel2 half days & 3 full days of clinic4 days in Galapagos

Day 1: Fly to Quito & stay at Hostel overnightDay 2: ~4 hour bus ride to Cotundo, set-up clinicDay 3,4 & 5: Full days of clinic - you will be staying about 10 min from clinic, so just a short bus ride each dayDay 6: ½ day of Clinic, 4 hour bus ride back to Quito for the night - there will be time to go out to dinner/bars in Quito that nightDay 7: Fly to Galapagos from QuitoDay 8&9&10: Visit various Galapagos IslandsDay 11: Leave Ecuador (usually red-eye flight)Day 12: Arrive homeM1


Hostel: La Isla de los Monos


M1s: What to look forward to!Utilizing what you learn this year to help hundreds of patients in clinicExposure to medicine in a new environment & opportunities for the hands-on learning experience that it will provideExpanding on the work the M2s provided in MarchPeppito (pet monkey at hostel)GALAPAGOS!

M1 Approximate Costs**Remember: You can FUNDRAISE!Flight: ~$1000-1100Room & Board on Mainland: $600Hostel + breakfast/dinner each dayLunch at Clinic (not included): $25Galapagos Flight/Tour/Trip: ~$1260Flight ~ $450Tour ~$700Galapagos Entrance Fee: $100 & National Park Fee: $20Extracurricular $200TOTAL: ~ $3000-3200

M2 Itinerary: March 12-20Cotundo?/ Amazon2 full days of travel5 days of clinic2 days in Amazon

Day 1: Travel to Ecuador!Days 2-6: ClinicDays 7-8: AmazonDay 9: Travel homeProposed Breakdown of the Iterinary

Flight to Ecuador $1000-1100Room and Board on Mainland $600Amazon Tour $500Lunch and Extra-curriculars $125-250Total= approximately $2,200-2500M2 Approximate Cost

Questions?Jen Prouty- M1 Trip Leader:jprouty@med.wayne.eduDan DePorre- M2 Trip