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New England Tutors SAT Jeopardy, Fall 2013

Published Oct 10, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

New England Tutors SAT Jeopardy

True or False, there is a guessing penalty on All the questions on the SAT?

FALSE, the Grid-in section does not penalize for wrong answers. All other sections do.

The best chance to improve your writing score is to_______________

Increase your essay score. The biggest jump in score is the essay. In some cases, you can get a 40-60 point increase by just 2 points higher on the essay.

Why does knowing the SAT answers always go from least to greatest or greatest to least help you?

If you start with C, (if least to greatest) and it is too big/small, you can eliminate 3 choice with one guess.246 810X + 9=17. If You start with C to back solve, too small so bye to A,B,C

True or False, the SAT sections go from easy to hard?

All but the Critical Reading passages (sentence completions do go easy to hard)

What should you do to help in answering Sentence Completions?

Try and predict the word/words BEFORE looking at answer choices-you pick rather than the SAT picking for you!

What is the rule of 4, and how can it help you in the reading passages?

For every line(s) referenced, ALWAYS read 2 lines BEFORE & AFTER THE REFERENCE.Lines 12-13, you should read 10-15

What is the strategy for paired passages on the SAT?

Read Passage One, and answer questions pertaining to Passage One, than go back and read Passage Two and answer all the rest.

Is it ok to mark up the test booklet?

YES, attack the test!

What do you do if you are on the last few questions in a math section and the answer was really easy to get?

Eliminate it and guess from the rest-the SAT NEVER gives easy answers in the Hard Zone!

When confronted with simultaneous equations, what should you do to set-up?

Set them up vertically, you can eliminate variables and then add or subtract equations.

What is the number one used formula in the math section?

Rate-Average rate= Total Distance ___________ Total Time

What is the formula for part and whole questions?

Part X%____ X _____Whole 100

What makes a good essay score?

While there is a rubric, remember-Always make a clear position and STAY with it throughout the essay!

What are commonly tested wrong answers?

Affect/effect, raise/rise, accept/except to name a few

How can you check for which tense is correct?

Check for context clues (dates or times) or verbs not underlined.

What is the difference between who and whom?

Who is the subject of the pronoun and Whom is the object pronoun.

Are there any SAT books that can help me?

Yes, both Kaplan and College Board offer SAT books. REMEMBER, TUTORING IS THE BEST WAY to increase individual scores. Call New England Tutors today!

What should I do the night before the SAT?

DO not study! Get your pencils, calculator, and registration laid out the night before. Remember, dress in layers and bring a snack.

Do I need to write the numbers on the top of my grid-in as well as bubbling them in?

While ONLY the bubbling in gets you points, it is a good idea to write them in so you do not mis-grid.

What can private tutoring do to help me increase my scores?

Call New England Tutors at 603-953-5025 for a free consultation. Learn how we can help you!