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Published Sep 30, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

C o l o r s by Miss HamlinÕs Class

Red red ßag red apple red strawberry red watermelon red towel red stop sign

Blue blueberries blue paint blue sofa blue ßag blue bed blue sign blue calendar blueberry mufÞn

Yellow yellow lemon yellow giraffe yellow stars yellow bedroom yellow tomatoes yellow bananas yellow daffodil yellow leaf

Green green pickles green watermelon green mermaid tail green lizard green car green toaster

Purple purple dress purple bed purple grapes purple eggplant purple doll purple couch purple desk purple headband

Orange orange oranges orange juice orange pumpkin orange leaf orange cat orange car orange shorts orange house

Pink pink lemonade pink mermaid tail pink restaurant pink toy pink rose pink dress pink power rangers

Brown brown pretzel brown mud brown gingerbread man brown kiwi brown cookie brown acorn brown star brown brownie

Black black shoe black bow black bear blackberry black shirt black power ranger black ant black oreo black kitten black guitar

Our Five Senses sense of sight sense of hearing sense of smelling sense of touch sense of taste