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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Brainiac Workplace ProductivityFocus. Prioritize. Accomplish.

Training GoalsIn this training, you will learn about the 3 Elements of Productivity and how to overcome barriers to them.

Focus: Sustain attentionBarriers to focus exist in three main areas:Your environment: people, electronics, clutterYour body: fatigue, dehydration, discomfort/painYour mind: pre-occupations/worries

Focus Activity Part 1Drag and drop to list the barriers from most to least challenging for you.Discomfort/painFatigueThirst/hungerPre-occupation/worryEnvironmental distractionsInterruptions

Focus Activity Part 2Choose your preferred solution to each barrier:Take a powernapDrink water/eat almondsGo for a brisk walkTurn off notifications/ringerMove to a better location

Prioritize: Choose according to importanceYour timeYour energyYour responsibilitiesMaking mindful choices is critical for productivity. It is the difference between leading your life and chasing after it. When you are trying to decide what to do, it pays to ask yourself, “And then what?”

Prioritization ActivityScenario: You are tired and feeling overwhelmed by a challenging work project due today. The approaching holidays bring an increase in mail, e-mail and phone calls from family and friends. Your car is making funny noises and you realize it is overdue for an oil change. The weather is gloomy, which may affect your plans to go camping this weekend.Drag and drop priorities into the appropriate quadrant to find the best use of your energy for the next 30 minutes..

Accomplish: Effectively plan and follow throughPlanning: Break down your project into smaller tasksAction: Complete tasks in order of dependency, or preference if there is none.Re-evaluate: Occasionally, to determine whether plans should change.

Accomplish ActivityScenario: You have just been assigned a group e-learning project for graduate school. Drag and drop the smaller tasks that make up your project in the order in which you would do them. Ask yourself: Does doing one task depend on another being done first, or is this your preference?

Congratulations!You have successfully completed the Elements of Productivity Training