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Published Jul 16, 2015 in Education
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PHP is a standout amongst the most well known server-side scripting dialects in presence today. The dialect can speak forward and backward with a server and make a dynamic site page for the client. In the event that you have a web facilitating record to run your own web journal or site, I can promise that PHP is as of now introduced. Indeed, even the page you are taking a gander at this time was made by PHP. On the off chance that you have aspirations of turning into a web designer, PHP is an unquestionable requirement for you and will permit you to make element site pages in view of outer information, generally from the client. It is likewise imperative to note that PHP is an item arranged programming dialect, and O.O.P. is one of the things we will cover in the arrangement.
PHP is not the dialect to bounce straight into in the event that you have had no involvement with all. Getting a grip of the essential programming ideas may be less demanding in a dialect, for example, Visual Basic as the sentence structure and ideas in PHP may be truly confounding for an amateur. On the off chance that you have no involvement in scripting, I may likewise recommend investigating JavaScript which is a customer side scripting dialect, making it restricted when contrasted with PHP. Be that as it may, don't let that unnerve you, PHP shows some extraordinary coding propensities and on the off chance that you are fit for lifting things up immediately then you ought to be okay.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

H.O & Training Centre: 2nd floor OSHB complex Acharya bihar,Bhubaneswar-13,Odisha Contact no-0674-2547486 website : http://www.litindia.inPHP training @

Why PHP in LIT?Below are the student’s essentials provide by LIT:Incomparable SyllabusSecret steps for campus requirement.Real training based on industry requirement.Real industrial application of Using MVC.Fully pratical and interactive session.Study materials.Special guidance for LIVE PROJECT.An earning and learning opportunity to all.

Learn from MICROSOFT ProfessionalPrabin K Rout completes a professional certification program by Microsoft. Microsoft certifications train individuals on implementing Microsoft products into practical business environments.

Incomparable Syllabus for PHPThe LIT syllabus ensures a fair and impartial understanding between the instructor and students such that there is minimal confusion on policies relating to the course, setting clear expectations of material to be learned, behavior in the classroom, and effort on student's behalf to be put into the course. Below is the PHP course contents consists of 50 chapters :- 1. Introduction to PHP 2. PHP installation 3. Introduction to Html 4. HTML tags, 5. Style sheet[CSS3], 6. Javascript, 7. Jquery, 8. AJAX, 9.JSON,10. Fancy Box, 11. Light box 12.Coinslider 13.Virtual Keyword 14.Bootsrap 15.PHP Page Syntax, page, comment 16. Variable in PHP17. Operators18. Control Structures19. OOPS20. Function21. Array22. String23. Date Time24. Image manipulation25. State management26. Database[MYSQL]27. Mysql with PHP 28. Login module29. Predefined variables 30. Web security31. SMS32. Mail33. File handling34. Exception,35. Web Chat,36. web hosting ,37. CMS38. MVC 39. CTYPE40. CURL41. DOM42. ererg 43. hash 44. XML 45. mysqli 46. odbc47. Open SSl 48. API integration 49. Version control

Study MaterialsExhaustive, relevant and original study material designed as per the syllabus. We have designed the study material of PHP in a unique way which resurrect your confidence, shape-up your ideas, strengthen your foundation and lead you in to the top gear of CAMPUS preparation. The study material contains a systematic coverage of relevant theory notes on each chapter of the syllabus of respective examination. It is prepared by the expert faculty. The material is self-sufficient in every respect and gives you the route towards success. We regularly update the study material incorporating each and every minute point that is necessary for student to master. There is no compromise at any cost with quality of our material.It is simplified for easy comprehension and its exam based and result oriented contents prepare students for exemplary success. The tutorials and material provided in LIT has also been of great help to orient the preparation towards right direction.

Special Guidance for LIVE ProjectOur live project training program has been designed for IT Students or graduates in any discipline and fresh job seekers. Our live project training program or real time project training.Program is specially designed to gear up students and job seekers who are lacking the required experience, exposure and skill set in IT industry. Through our program you will not only gain experience but will be able to get the job easily. We offer live projects training in PHP and other IT courses also.We expose our students to the live environment by providing them the required training and allowing them to work with our team of experts which makes them an experienced professional.

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