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Published Sep 27, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Fred WoodwardBy Hanna Pittman

Who?Fred Woodward was born in 1953 in Louisville Mississippi where he started his career—first in journalism to physical education to political science before settling on graphic design. He became very well known for his amazing typography and photography.

What?Fred Woodward is a famous magazine graphic designer, who was known for creating the Oxford border (a clear barrier and relationship between editorial and advertising) so that he could have all the room he needed to create his masterpieces.

Where?He first worked for a local magazine, Memphis, then D Magazine in Dallas, next Westward (the Sunday magazine of the Dallas Times Herald), Texas Monthly, and Regardie’s in Washington DC. Finally he came to the Rolling Stone in 1987, where he stayed for the next 24 years and made his name.

How?He started his climb to stardom mostly working for the Rolling Stone. He’s famous for making a spread that had a man sitting in the “O” of “Big Shot”Sometimes he wouldn’t even have words on the picture, because it was so powerful by itself.