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Published Sep 26, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


As Simple as just askingClosing the sale is often times as simple as just askingThe mistake people often make is to deliver a solid product presentation and never actually ask for the sale.There are several ways to ask for the sale but ultimately the tough part of the job is to ask a person if they would like to spend their money on what you are offering...

Give the AB Choices You do not want to ask a yes or no question unless you are 100% sure what the answer is.Bad Example: “Do you want to secure your spot in the OSP with the annual payment?”This is a question that the AB can say NO to when you want them to say YES.

Give the AB ChoicesGood Example:“Would you prefer to secure your spot in the OSP with the monthly or annual payment?”“You can secure your spot with a monthly or annual payment, which do you prefer?”

Why Choices work When you give two choices that are both positive answers for you, it eliminates the option of saying NO for a passive AB. In order for the AB to say No to a question like this, they will need to retake control of the conversation and tell you that they do not want either option. If the AB has any level of interest, this will be very hard for them to do.

This same style of “Either/or” closing can be continued through the remainder of the closing process. If they choose Monthly, you can quickly move to $ and ask “You can reserve your position with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express? Which do you prefer?”The key is that you are never asking a question that they can easily say no. They still have the option to say no but they have to tell you more specifically what they are thinking.

Once you have completed your sales presentation you can treat the call as though the AB has already agreed to buy...Example: You have just finished presenting and remind them of the statistics reporting. “The monthly report we send to your email tells you how many hundreds of people saw you featured on every month, and how many clicked to your website. What’s the best email to send your reporting to?”Assumptive closing

This approach assumes that the AB is purchasing and leaves only the decision about who wants to track their marketing campaign statistics. If the AB has any level of interest, they will have a hard time changing this momentum away from a you transition into the “either/or” close and ask “do you want to pay monthly or annually?”