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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

JazzTeam BSOC/105June 12, 2013Daniel Hoffman

INTRODUCTIONWhat are the cultural influences of Jazz music? Does Jazz come from a particular time or region that makes it unique? What is the cultural heritage of this music? What are the venues like for Jazz?

INTRODUCTIONIn what ways do cultural, race, gender, sexuality, and class difference shape the music of Jazz? What aesthetic values are prevalent in Jazz?Describe the sound and feeling of the Jazz. What groups or subcultures does the music tend to appeal to? What trends are emerging in the consumption and production of popular music in general and Jazz

The Roots of JazzEuropeNew Orleans

Early Jazz

Jacksonville Jazz Festival

Modern Jazz

In what ways do cultural values about race, gender, sexuality, and class difference shape the music? Jazz is shaped by many different races, economic and social classes as well as gender. Music is a production of the soul and the world around the artist at that point in time.

What aesthetic values are prevalent in the genre you chose? Describe the sound and feel of the music. There are so many value when it come to jazz. It come from deep inside the heart and soul. It’s spontaneity and originality. the sound of jazz can sound and feel in so many ways. It can feel relaxing, sad, energizing, passionate and so on.

How are the aesthetic values reflected in the lyrics or messages of the music?The values show greatly in every song played by each jazz musician. It reflects the pain, the joy, the passion of the musician.

Cultures in Jazz MusicLoads of different people listen to jazz music.Cultural Background

Trends in Jazz Jazz RapTribe called QuestSadeDigable Planets

M-BaseCharlie ParkerJohn ColtraneSteve ColemanGreg Osby

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