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Published Sep 20, 2013 in Health & Medicine
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Struggle with lunch ideas? Too many quick processed foods in your kids lunch? Looking for a system and some recipes to get your kids eating healthier for lunch. Check out this presentation to help you on your way!

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Made simple, Healthy and Tasty!Lunch Time

Issues children struggle with in school….Attention/FocusImpulsivitySensory Processing DisorderAnxietyLearn DisordersAutismEBDEtc….

Could this have anything to do with it?The thinking mom’s kids meal

Could….ChemicalsToxinsGenetic ModificationMalnutritionFood ColoringsPreservativesAdditivesExtendersEmulsifiersOn and On and On….… they be related? Can food play a significant role?

and why!What you should have in every lunch….

A “FRESH” look at the Food Pyramid

All things nourishing…Adding value to the body!

“Living” Water50% of body weight in oz. everyday!

Whole “LIVING” FoodsVitamins MineralsEnergyHealthDetoxificationFatsBring LIFE!Provide balance and variety!

Good FatsBrain FunctioningNormal Growth for babies and childrenMineral AbsorptionLow/Average CholesterolCellular Communication/HealthEnergy

Quality Meat/DairyGood FatsProteinCLAIron

Naturally SweetenedCoconut SugarMaple SyrupDatesHoneyXylitolSteviaRaw Sugar

REALLY “LIMIT” processed FoodsArtificial SweetenersNeurotoxin: kills brain cellsTurn into FormaldehydeCorn SyrupTurns off LeptinStored as FATProcessed in liverNo nutritional valuePrevents freezer burn and extends shelf life

Quick n’ Simple, Planned and Prepared! Freedom from processed food!

Lunch Menu PlanningSimple, Nourishing, & Tasty!

Creating the menuMorning/School Snacks

Creating the menuAfternoon/After School Snacks

Time…There is just not enough time to eat healthy!

Bulk BakingRibs: Make 3 racks, package in groups of 4s and freezeFajita Bowls: (Left over taco meat from Weds) Onions and Peppers: Dice and FreezeBanana Bread/Mini MuffinsCocoa Cookies

Advance PrepMonthlyFajita Bowl Prep: Girls cut up onions and peppers, bag and freezeBanana Bread/Mini MuffinsCocoa CookiesGranola BarsSweet Potato FriesWeekly (usually done on Sundays)Veggie DipBeansDailyCowboy CaviarGuacamole

It is just toooooo expensiveTo eat healthy!

Creating a shopping listPick your storesTrader Joes, Costco, Co-opBulk buyingMake a list based on storeMap out a routeCreate time in your family schedule to shop and prepare foods each week or biweeklyStick to your list, if you want to save $

Best Buys….Cost co: coconut oil, maple syrup, almond butter, aocados, fruit, madjool dates, dried fruit, organic corn chips, brown riceTrader Joes: peanut/sunbutter, onions, fruits/veggies (organic), frozen veggies, wild caught salmon, goat gouda, goat cheeseCo-op: vairous ones have vairous prices (Mazo: hot dogs, bacon), V.N. large coconut yogurt, etc…CHC: Christian Health Co-operative (

Follow Through is the “KEY” to success!Do your Bulk Cooking/Baking as you put groceries awayCut Veggies, Weekly PrepHelpful items….Have a pantryHave a deep freezeAn extra fridge is handy

Packing the lunchContainersSilverwareNapkinsDrinks

Save time & money with the right containers!How do I get this…..Into that….

Loading the lunch box: Main Course

Next….the ice pack

Fruit and Veggies- a must!

Snack on the side

Nutritional Dynamics Drink

Cost breakdown….Container set $9.99 (Fit and Fresh)Lunch Box $3.99Cloth Napkins $0.00 (washing)Silverware $0.00Total per child….$14.98/yearRefill….$0.00Ziplocs….$$$$$$$$$

What will you choose?Convenience or nourishment….

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