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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Homestead is Florida’s oldest tropical garden community, and Miami-Dade County’s oldest sustainable community, one that is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. The community of Homestead/Florida City is the Gateway to the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks, and the Florida Keys. The main entrance to the natural landscapes of the Everglades, that has an assemblage of plant species not found elsewhere on the planet, and bridges the historic cultivated agricultural landscapes of the Redland, that has the most diverse agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture in the world. Homestead is the epicenter of tropical diverse cultural, cultivated and natural heritage that has impacted the garden - agricultural history of America. Homestead is Railroad Village-The South Dade area opened to homesteaders in 1898. At the time the only way in and out of the area was through a path called the "Homesteaders Trail". In 1904, Henry Flagler decided to extend the railroad from Miami to Key West. Farmers in the area were able to transport their fruits and vegetables to Miami and other parts of the state. Many of the workers who helped build the railroad stayed in the area and founded the City of Homestead in 1913.

Homestead’s Historic Downtown District arose at the dawn of the 20th century, when the Florida East Coast Railway was extended south. *The South Dade Busway in Homestead is a rail trail established along the right-of-way of the former Florida East Coast Railroad, built primarily in the last quarter of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century, the railroad was a project of Standard Oil principal Henry Morrison Flagler, it connected major cities down the East coast of Florida. Most buildings historically served as commercial and public buildings, and were developed to serve the residents’ economic and social needs. Agriculture is still a great source of revenue and serves as a mainstay of the economy. Nearly half of the winter vegetables consumed in the United States are grown in tropical South Florida. Miami-Dade County's agriculture, which represents nearly $1 billion annually in local economic impact, is located on just six percent of the county's available land.Besides providing national and international markets with tropical produce and plants, the agricultural industry also contributes to the revenue generated by tourism. Scattered throughout the region are agricultural fields that allow self-harvesting of vegetables. Many roadside stands offer crops that are specific to the tropical climate including mango, avocado, lychee and carambola. Agricultural-guided tours expose visitors to the industry in what is the only subtropical farming area in the continental United States.

Homestead/Florida City is a Florida Greenway Corridor connecting parks (national, state, county and municipal) open spaces, tropical arboretums, nurseries, farms and botanical gardens, to its northern most border, the City of Miami’s Coconut Grove, that will be a part of a statewide system of trails to advance health, recreation, transportation, community and economic development, tropical sustainable agriculture, permaculture, horticulture, for sustainable tourism (ecotourism, agritourism, garden tourism, maritime tourism, and cultural heritage tourism.Trail enthusiasts can enjoy walking, jogging, bicycling, inline skating and other non-motorized recreational uses from dawn to dusk. There are several local businesses, parks, and neighborhoods throughout the entirety of the trail. The trail will meet our travel needs, promote economic prosperity and environmental justice, preserve and protect open space, scenic resources and agricultural land, protect and enhance the integrity of natural resource systems and wild places and improve air and water quality. Such efforts can promote resource efficiency and energy conservation, while reducing reliance on foreign oil and offering solutions to climate change." - From the Alliance for a New Transportation Charter

“Through garden culture man has learned to cultivate a sensibility that strengthens his/her connection to the natural world, and that he must care for the whole earth, and prevent humanity from perishing in the process. The garden culture is unique. It teaches people where and how to plant seeds, to care for the harvest, work the harvest, and bring in the fruits of labor. The vision for a sustainable community was first launched with the history of Homestead whose people planted “gardens” to unite for common goals, where all were and are welcomed” – Margi Buster, President , RTG

David FairchildThe Tropical Cornucopia Farm and Garden Show will be dedicated to cultural heritage preservation legacy of Ruth Campbell, first Councilwoman of the City of Homestead, and local historian of the Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum. She is a member of the pioneer Campbell family, and through her efforts, the City of Homestead has created its first Historic Preservation Board with a continued partnership with the Florida Department of State’s Bureau of Historic Preservation, and Bureau of Archaeological Research. Her preservation efforts have identified much of historic Homestead on the National Register of Historic places.It is also dedicated to the natural heritage preservation legacy of horticulturalist, and plant collector, David Fairchild, who introduced over 30,000 tropical plant species of a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural crops from around the world essential for crop diversification and economic prosperity, that had the potential to diversify the diets and gardens of Americans.Ruth Campbell

 Dear Sponsor,This year the local community, government, and small businesses will come together to celebrate the ten year anniversary of RTG’s first tourism initiative to promote Homestead, nestled between Everglades and Biscayne National Parks, and the historic agricultural district of the Redland, and destination for authentic community-based ecotourism, garden tourism, maritime tourism, and agritourism, as the “Bridge Between Man and Nature”, in cooperation with the State of Florida, through the Office of State Representative Edward Bullard, Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas, Mayor Roscoe Warren, City of Homestead, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Greater Miami Host Committee, Inc., Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and Miami International Airport.RTG will launch Tropical Cornucopia Sustainable Tours and Events, Miami-Dade’s first nonprofit community-based destination management company, and present Florida’s first tropical botanical garden show, Tropical Cornucopia Farm and Garden Show, on November 2nd and 3rd, 2013, from 10am-5pm.The event is a two-day free, smart growth, family- friendly, world-class signature sustainable event that will feature gardening as an art form in Florida, showcase, market, and sell the unique local farm and garden products and services of the area, bridge tourism, education, and transportation industries on an urban transit corridor, and brand Homestead as Miami-Dade County’s oldest sustainable community built on a garden culture.  Enclosed, you will find a description of our two-day activities as well as sponsorship opportunities which highlight our event branding power. Please take a moment to review our package. The Farm and Garden Show is big, exciting, entertaining, and full of opportunity!  It’s the perfect place to expand your customer base.  Meet prospects and sell merchandise, introduce and demonstrate new products, generate sales, elicit media attention, conduct market research, and distribute information and samples to thousands of prospects at the show.Sponsors can build or strengthen brand recognition, overall corporate image and promote services to an enthusiastic audience. Of course, we seize every opportunity to work with our client. Sponsorship benefits can be customized, to suite your needs.We are seeking sponsorship specifically for this event, but we are also seeking long term funding to develop, restore, and maintain our tourism inventory and green infrastructure, and connect our greenway corridor trails, parks, tropical botanical gardens, farms, arboretums, and open spaces for health, beauty, safety, and a better quality of life for all.Our Tourism industry must flourish to provide much needed jobs and educational opportunities for our future needs, as well as seed and nurture small business in our community. Plans for this year’s event are well underway. Our marketing partners including South Dade News Leader, NBC/Telemundo, SBS Communications, are soon to get story leads. Support our nonprofit organization, a State of Florida 501 c3, with a tax deductible or in-kind donation.Your contribution will make sustainable tourism a reality for our community, embracing pride and hope for a better tomorrow. Thank You!

DESCRIPTIONOn November 2nd and 3rd, 2013 from 10am-5pm, in Homestead’s CRA Downtown Historic District, South Dade Busway, and Miami Dade College Homestead Campus, Redland Tropical Gardens, (RTG), will welcome an anticipated 25,000-50,000 visitors (80% local and 20% international), to Tropical Cornucopia Farm and Garden Show, a two-day, free, smart growth, family- friendly, world-class signature sustainable event. Garden shows have been a fixture in the United States since the first show took place in Philadelphia in 1829--that’s more than 175 years of celebrating the country’s passion for plants and the beauty they provide. Many of them now draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and easily fill acres and acres of space. The top events set the gold standard for both design and inspiration, and they attract visitors from across the country and around the world. These events enthuse professional gardeners, backyard gardeners and beginning gardeners alike. They introduce new design styles and new designers, and glorify plants of every shape and size… and most of all, they educate. This will be the first tropical botanical garden show in the State of Florida, and will feature gardening as an art form. It will showcase, historic natural landscapes, diverse cultures, and the surrounding cultivated agricultural bounty to the world. It will also market and sell the unique local farm and garden products and services of the area, bridge sustainable tourism, education, and transportation industries in South Dade’s urban transit corridor, connect Florida greenways and rail trails that will collectively provide abundant amounts of multi-use, unobstructed recreational mileage that will become part of the East Coast Greenway, and brand Homestead as Miami-Dade County’s oldest sustainable community built o historic natural landscapes, diverse cultures, and the surrounding cultivated agricultural bounty to the world.

The Tropical Cornucopia Farm and Garden Show will promote the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, connect the greenway corridor, serve as a model to build a Sustainable Community with urban green restoration, Historic Preservation , and Downtown Revitalization, through sustainable development, tourism, transportation, education. It will also establish new green jobs and promote small business, as well as healthy, safe and sustainable living, where its people continue to reclaim and reconnect with the natural world, safeguard a unique part of American culture, tradition, and history, and embrace a quality of life, that serves the common good for global societies and future generations.It will introduce green restoration best practices into urban planning, and sustainable landscaping that will beautify and enhance aesthetic amenities and physical infrastructure, to preserve the green legacy, as well as the cultural and natural heritage of the City.It will also link the greenway corridor to small green business prospects and sustainable tourism related stakeholders, potential workforce, green developers, sustainable educational institutions, media, and local sustainable farmers and horticulturalist seeking permaculture and agricultural diversification opportunities, on urban transit corridor.The event will serve as the official world-class signature event to launch the sustainable expansion of the State of Florida’s 500 year anniversary campaign, Viva Florida 500, Tropical Cornucopia…the Bridge Between Man and Nature for the Next 500 years!

The Tropical Cornucopia Greenway Farm and Garden Show will feature 10 THEMED DEMONSTRATION SUSTAINABLE GARDEN DISPLAYS created by local, international award-winning garden and landscape professionals, and artists to present ideas and concepts to inspire, educate, motivate, and promote gardening garden culture, and "The Art of Gardening".

GARDEN SHOW LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Seen Around the World!THE LIVING WORLD®“LIVING VINES”“Living Vines” is a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. Client list includes: The Presidential White House of the United States,The Grammy Awards, Walt Disney World, FL, Disney’s California Adventure, CA, Universal Studios, CA & FL, Busch Gardens, FL, Cypress Gardens, FL, Sea World, FL.THE LIVING GARDEN®An award winning live performance company produced by 2nd Nature Productions, Inc.

THE LIVING GARDENS®Experience goddess as she transforms herself with magical elegance into a living fountain. Delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed display.

SATURDAY LIVE IN THE GARDENS SCHEDULE10 am- Guest Speaker-Mark Benson11am-Fabricio and Friends –Guitar/Flute/ViolinNoon- THE LIVING GARDEN®1pm-The Lady Of Harp2pm- Robert Billington-Guitar3pm- Guest Speaker- Gardening by Cuisine, Patti Moreno, host, The Garden Girl TV4pm- THE LIVING GARDEN®SUNDAY LIVE IN THE GARDENS SCHEDULE10am- Guest Speaker-HGTV11am- Fabricio and Friends- Guitar/Flute/ViolinNoon- THE LIVING GARDEN®1 pm-The Lady Of Harp2pm- Robert Billington-Guitar3pm- Guest Speaker- Gardening by Cuisine, Patti Moreno, host, The Garden Girl TV4pm- THE LIVING GARDEN® *Subject to change  

Enjoy seminars in gardening, landscaping, and outdoor living! Visitors can also participate in: Live TV and radio Garden Shows, plant-care clinics, workshops- herbal medicinal gardening, and garden therapy.And… Master Gardener Demonstrations Container, Kitchen, Container, Rooftop And Community Gardening.  Repotting Orchids. Maintenance and Care of Hand Tools.             Gardening with Native and Xeriscape Plants.                     Intro to Sustainable Landscaping

 Staged on the South Dade BuswayRetail Garden and Green Marketplace Marketplace Categories Commercial Exhibit- (Sales) any products or services related to plants, gardening i.e. tolls, pots, soils, compost bins, mulch, fertilizers, outdoor furniture, irrigation, lighting, Garden supplies, equipment and tools, Garden decorative items, Garden/Landscape Consultants- Landscapers, Aquascapers,  Hardscapers,  Masons and pavers, etc.Horticulture Market- Nurseries, Plants, trees, bulbs, seeds, etc.Green Products- Solar panels, recycled Products for gardens and gardenersGlocal Farmers Market- Community Gardens- unique, local natural and organic food products, medicinal and cosmetic herbs and products.Garden Artisan- Original works-painting, photography, sculpture, metalwork,  mixed-media, ceramics, pottery, jewelry, etc.Garden Resource Area- Garden Clubs and Trade Associations, Educational Institutions, Tropical Botanical Gardens, Arboretum, Nonprofit Educational, Conservation, and Environmental organizations- (Retail sales not permitted- memberships and raffles allowed)South Dade Cultural and Natural AttractionsFarm to Table Farmer’s Market and New World Food Village

YesterdayIN FRONT OF THE HISTORIC HOTEL REDLANDStrolling Reenactors Antique And Custom BicyclesFarm to Table International Farmers MarketHospitality TentNEW WORLD FOOD VILLAGEFARM TO TABLE

At The Entrance of Miami Dade College, Homestead CampusINTERNATIONAL FOLK ENTERTAINMENT

SATURDAY/ SUNDAY –MAINSTAGE SHOW SCHEDULE10am- Native American/Old Florida11am- European-Irish/Italian/German Folk Revue-Noon- Mariachi 1pm- Italian/German Folk Revue-2pm-New World Fashion and Hat Show3pm- Caribbean Folk Revue-Haitian/ Jamaican/Trinidad- Othello Mollineaux4pm- Roberto Perreira/Jorge Alfano-Multi-Media- Latin American  

 ECO-NEW WORLD FASHION SHOW GARDEN HAT SHOW SPECIAL FASHIONS BY ANN MARIE’S HOMESTEADWedding Apparel | Prom, Pageant & Social Occasions | Casual Contemporary Sportswear

| New World FashionsSpain, South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe

|Natural FiberUnique Fabrics & Dyes

KID’S FANTASY GARDENAt MDCGROWING UP GREENThe Kid’s Garden is a sensory interactive hands-on garden education living display of important plants that have been utilized by various cultures that provide food, oxygen, medical/healing, clothing, shelter, energy, aesthetics, order, and a quality of life, and promote the meaningful relationships between diverse plants and people.

 .FAMILY/CHILDREN’S STAGE- SATURDAY/SUNDAY SHOW SCHEDULE10am- 4 pm- Abrakadoodle Recycled Art for Children11:30 - La Florida- International Storytelling, Music and Dance12:30pm - Dean of Green- Eco Musical1:30pm - Chef Paulette Bilsky (Super Foods for Kids) 2:30pm - International Maypole Dance 3:30pm - Sugar and Spice Puppet Theater4:30pm - Junkanoo ParadeMeet the “Dean of Green”, the official singing and dancing mascot and educational ambassador of the South Florida Green Scene for youth and families, in an interactive musical concert created to promote Green edutainment, and cleaner greener living that balances human needs with responsible care for the planet.

ART, PAINTING, DRAWING, SCULPTURE, RECYCLED CRAFTS BY INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNING… Best Art Program for ChildrenAbrakadoodle has been awarded: Seven First Place Awards for “Best art classes to inspire your child’s inner Picasso” Seven Nominations for “Best Kids Party Entertainer and Best Kids Party Place” by Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Picks Best Franchises for Minorities by USA Today and Black Enterprise Magazine"Best of the Best” in Children's Services FranchisesTOP ART Education Franchise and many more. Visual Arts and CreativityAbrakadoodle’s classes inspire children’s imaginations by immersing them in such art forms as recycled art, painting, sculpting, mosaics, collage, digital design, paper art, stamping, drawing, animé, foil embossing, and multicultural crafts.  They learn about artists, techniques and styles all while developing their individual styles and imaginations



OTHER HIGHLIGHTS- Green Marketplace- Promoting the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Sustainable Living, Products And Technologies That Can Make Home And Business More Environmentally Sustainable I.E. Clean Air And Clean Water Products, Soil And Water Conservation, Waste Management, Composting, Recycling, Retrofitting, Alternative Energy, Alternative Health Care Products and Services.Educational Workshops - Climate Change, Sustainable Business, Health And Wellness, Green Career And Workforce Fair, New Urbanism & Sustainable Development, Green Living, Sustainability, and Permaculture. HYBRID CARS AND GREEN CYCLES

MARKETINGRTG in cooperation with the Tropical Cornucopia Host Committee/Greater Miami Host Committee, Inc. anticipates approximately 25,000 - 50, 000 visitors, with extensive exposure in print, broadcast and online media in the United States and Canada in more than 800 outlets, as well global markets. The Tropical Cornucopia Host Committee will work in cooperation with volunteer professional leadership primarily from the Miami and South Miami-Dade County , who will work cooperatively to provide event management -logistics/vendor/exhibitor, talent and presenter coordination, scheduling and marketing services, governmental relations, international affairs, strategic planning, sponsorship and other fundraising, in cooperation with designated City of Homestead departmental staff, and promote and market this event with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, City of Homestead Communications, Visit Florida, Miami-Dade College Office of Communications and Miami- Dade County Department of Communications with connections to UPI, API ¸and other global media outlets.Our marketing partners: the State of Florida, Visit Florida, Miami- Dade County, Miami- Miami-Dade College, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau collectively have a long history of drawing millions to the signature events such as the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, 150,000 Attendees, Book Fair International,100,000 Attendees, the Big Orange New Year’s Eve Celebration that served as the launch for the State of Florida’s Viva Florida 500 Campaign, 250,000 visitors, millions in worldwide Television coverage.

MARKETINGGeneral –Social Media-NewspapersAPI, UPI, the Miami Herald, Community Newspapers, South Florida Sun Sentinel, South Florida Times, the Miami Times- Florida Times Union-Gulf Coast Florida -- St. Petersburg Times-Herald-Tribune- Naples NewsTelevision-WLRN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and ComcastRadio- SBS, WDNAHispanicDiario Las Americas- El Nuevo Herald-El Especial Miami - El Heraldo de Broward - El Nuevo Patria - El Popular - El Venezolano Hispanic Television-WSCV- Channel 51, Telemundo, Univision, Telefutura, Mega TVHispanic Radio-SBS Communications, Radio Caliente, Radio Amor, Radio Mambi, Radio Paz (830 Am)Caribbean media outlets- Print-Caribbean Voice, Caribbean Today, Caribbean-American Commentary Newspaper, Caribbean Contact, the Haitian American, Caribbean Currents, Miami Gardens Observer, Jamaica Business Journal, National Weekly Television-Island TV, The Caribbean Media Network, MTV Tempo, Caribcast, BET. Radio-WPOW – FM, National Radio-WAVS-AM, WZAB, WHQT-FM, , WHQT-FM-HOT 105 / 105.1 FM, WDJA –AM, WVCG

DEMOGRAPHICSMiami-Dade CountyHispanic- 62.8% African American 22..3% White Non-Hispanic    66.9% Median Age 38 Other Non-Hispanic      0.1% Median HHI $23,483Event Projections70% Female30% Male50% Adult; 45% Senior; 5% Child70% Age of 35-64 Average household income above $50,000-$75,00050% own their home50% Married 40% Make purchases at the show30% Use a landscaping serviceThe Garden Writers Association Foundation researched younger demographics to measure gardening interest across generations. They found that 66% of the U.S. population has some form of garden, and 64% of those under 40 grow or take care of plants. Organic products are used by 15% of younger households and 60% of youth gardeners find gardening relaxing. Source: 2010-2011 Winter Gardening Trends Research Report

TARGET MARKET- WOMEN 70% FemaleAge 25-54Baby Boomers 55+RationaleWomen, and ethnic and racial minorities, fill many roles in agriculture. They are farmers and farm workers, ranchers, agricultural researchers, educators and agri-business people.Women-owned and -operated farms and ranches are an important and interesting subset of small and home-based business owners in the U.S. While the total number of farms has been declining for many years, the number owned and operated by women is increasing.Approximately 165,000 farms are run by women, and demographic, social, and economic factors indicate that the number will keep rising.Women operators are generally full owners of their farms and live on their property. Traditionally, many inherited the farms as widows and chose to continue the family business. Women represent 85% of consumer spending and that translates into a $5 trillion market. "Women represent 85% of consumer spending...including everything from autos to health care"- Harvard Business Review -"Women make over 80% of buying decisions in all homes... and are the chief purchasing agents of the family"- BusinessWeek -Women control more than 60 percent of all personal wealth in the U.S."- Wall Street Journal -"Women account for over $5 trillion in consumer and business spending"- MSNBC -"Women own 46% of all U.S. Small Businesses"- U.S. Census -"  

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESSPONSORSHIP LEVELS$50,000 – TITLE CASH SPONSORSHIP Exclusive Rights to Naming as title Sponsor Recognition as Title Sponsor- All Marketing Materials (Print, Radio, and Television - as secured) , and all other collateral. Title Banner inclusionInside front full color page ad, and letter from top executive in Show GuideFull Banner page- Name/Logo/HyperLink on Website • Title on Display Garden Pavilion Opening Speech and Award Presentation during Garden Party• Opportunity for approved cross promotion • • One prime scheduled Workshop, clinics or educational sessions/workshops • 10 VIP tickets2(5,000) scholarships to CRA Resident to attend MDC Up to 3 year agreement and Right of First Refusal

$25,000-Presenting Sponsor- CASH SPONSORSHIPExclusive Rights Naming- Marketplace or VIP Hospitality Banner prominently placed at the entranceRecognition on Marketing Materials (Print, Radio, and Television - as secured) • Full page in prime location-in Show Guide and Name/Logo/Link on Website • Introduced at Press ConferenceRecognition thru Stage Announcements • Opportunity for approved cross promotion • Opportunity for providing materials for participants bags • 8 VIP Tickets 6 Festival T-shirts •1 scholarships to CRA Resident to attend MDC Up to 3 Year Agreement and Right of First Refusal $10,000 –CASH SPONSORSHIPExclusive Product Rights • Mainstage or Children’s Area with scheduled presentations during the festivalBanner on stage (must provide)3x16Recognition in Marketing Materials (Print, Radio, and Television - as secured) • Half page Banner ad in show guide and on Website • Recognition thru Stage Announcements • Opportunity for providing materials for participants bags • 4 VIP Tickets 4 Festival T-shirts • Up to 3 Year Agreement and Right of First Refusal •

Community Partner - Cash Sponsorship $5,000Stage SponsorOn Site Signage – (must provide)Two Booth spaces –10 x 20 Name/Logo/ quarter page- ad on show guide and Website• Opportunity for Approved Cross • PromotionOpportunity to provided approved • materials in Player Bags2 VIP Tickets Friend - Cash Sponsorship $1,000Title T-Shirt Sponsor Promotional Booth Space• 10 x 20Name/Logo/ mention in show guide and on Website• On-site Signage (must provide)• Two Tickets to VIP

TROPICAL CORNUCOPIA FARM AND GARDEN Show SPONSOR AGREEMENT FORMCORPORATION/ORGANIZATION: __________________________________CONTACT: ____________________________________________________TITLE: _____________________ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________CITY: _______________________STATE:___________ZIP: ____________PHONE: FAX: _____________________________EMAIL: __________________________________PLEASE SELECT YOUR SPONSOR CATEGORYSponsorships are confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis. $50,000 +Title$25,000 $10,000$ 5,000$ 1,000 Amount enclosed $________________________________I wish to remain anonymous_______ Yes __ NoAn authorized signature must be signed for credit card use and/or invoicing.PAYMENT INFORMATIONI prefer to submit payment by:( ) Enclosed Check( ) Visa ( ) MasterCard( ) Discover ( ) AMEX( ) Please invoice my companyCredit Card Number: ____________________________________________Expiration Date: ________________________________________________Name on Credit Card (Please print) _________________________________Credit Card Billing Address________________________________________Security Code From Back__________Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:Date Received: _____________ Amount $________________ Check/Credit Approval #: _________________.Please mail or fax to our administrative office:Redland Tropical Gardens24050 SW 162 Ave. Homestead, Fl 33031FAX: 305-247-3004 Phone-305-247-2016Email-

UNDERWRITING SPONSORBenefits will be assigned based on the retail value of service or product being donated.Services and products needed include: