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5 Tips To Increase Its Online Sales Through Facebook

Published Aug 31, 2013 in Business & Management
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5 Tips To Increase Its Online Sales Through Facebook... Read more

We therefore propose to demystify the marketing power of social networks including Facebook while choosing the best weapons to always generate more sales.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

By : Opti Matrix SolutionA web Development Company5 Tips To Increase Its Online Sales Through FacebookVisit Us :

From the last quarter of the year showed that media plans including Facebook generated 24% more sales. The digital media industry turns increasingly often this type of study, yet it still seems that marketers remain cautious about the impact of Facebook on sales. We therefore propose to demystify the marketing power of social networks including Facebook while choosing the best weapons to always generate more sales.Visit Us :

1. Do not underestimate the power of social media One of the first advice is not to consider social media as a place where he effusions is not created revenue. For the skeptics, we identify three reasons to trust the market power of Facebook: Virality and sharing are the essence of social media, especially Facebook: your products and services are able to gain visibility tenfold, thanks to social well-orchestrated strategy and content.Visit Us :

The platform is evolving, taking no secret. It is thus observed the development of sponsored ads, limiting the visibility of publications, tools for measuring, segmenting your audience advice to developers who are all signs putting the chip in the ear. If Facebook is changing as a paid platform for brands, it is because your targets are present. There is scope to generate income and therefore the possibility to reinvest in new campaigns. marketing has become the cash cow of Facebook, which seems rather well succeed.Visit Us :

2. Be creative! As mentioned above, the Facebook communications are oriented towards supporting the development of brand pages. Facebook implements many tools for the time spent on the site and investments align exponentially. This is the case of applications for assistance, the creation of sub channel , the convergence of different platforms.Visit Us :

For sale smart and inexpensively via Facebook, you must use two ancestral advertising principles. Exclusive: offer of ‘love’ to enjoy an exclusive promotion. Make sure that the promotion is substantially interesting: a discount on the new collection, an additional percentage of the sales, delivery available. It is a proven technical email marketing, also, make sure to differentiate promotions on these two channels.Visit Us :

Word of mouth : the human being is a being of communications, it is encouraging this tendency, stimulating a further aspect: the imitation of peers. It is thanks to this main feature that you will get the commitment on your product pages, reviews about your services and, ultimately, sales.Visit Us :

3. Measuring success and failure Increase Online Sales with Facebook, also begins with a better calculation of sales already generated by the platform. Thank you for the Google Analytics tool for comparing models! The conversion value calculated and the number of conversions for each of your marketing channels varies the allocation model used. To familiarize yourself with these concepts and where social networks are involved in the sales cycle.Visit Us :

4. Integrate its e-commerce strategy to Facebook Since this is to increase sales via Facebook, one solution is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the applications. There are several, and they work with CMS e-commerce recognized as Shopify. This is to add a “Shop” tab on your Facebook page, which will import your products automatically, allowing the direct purchase, the customer’s decision is quick and without delay.Visit Us :

5. Make content marketing, a key asset Once you understand how Facebook works in the sales cycle, then you can tailor your communications platform. It is important that you bring the some tools.Visit Us :

An optimized page, offering comprehensive information to customers.A content strategy and an editorial guide defining your identity, the voice of the brand and type of content placed online.A calendar of publications, reflecting your business operations but also leaving room for educational, inspiring and useful for your clients publications.Management of rapid communities, honest, attentive and generous.Beautiful picturesVisit Us :

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