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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Wildlife Hotline: Answering the Call of the WildHow to use the wildlife hotline’s phone system.

Callers have following choices when they callPress 1 for Missouri CallersPress 2 for Illinois CallersPress 3 for Other States CallersPress 4 for Business Calls NOT involving an animalPress 5 if you are a rehabber seeking advice.Caller will be asked to select species (next page)Caller will be asked to select species (next page)Caller is given message to go to wildliferehabber.orgCaller is sent to voicemail and email is sent if they leave msg. This will ring Extension 700 which is Level 2 support.The only selections that get the caller to another set of menus are 1-Missouri and 2-Illinois. The other 3 result in voicemail.Step 1

State Species Menu After Choosing Missouri (1)Step 2

State Species Menu after choosing Illinois (2)Step 2

After Selecting a Species:Step 3

For Core Members:If the species specialist(s) does not answer a call, the caller will hear the following message before transferring to the Core Group: “Please continue to hold. We are still attempting to reach the next available wildlife specialist. If you prefer to not hold and leave a message and wait for a return call, please press 738# at any time”.

Simultaneous RingsWhen calls come in to the Core, everyone SCHEDULED at that time phone will ring simultaneously. Whomever answers the call first, takes the call.E.g.: If you were scheduled to be on the Hotline from 1pm-8pm, your phone will ring ONLY during those hours. Some species have multiple specialists. When a call goes to one of those species’ extensions, all of the specialists' phones will ring simultaneously. Whomever answers first, takes the call. E.g.: If a caller selects Missouri, then Squirrels, that call will be forwarded to Linda, Nancy, and Kim. Their phones would ring simultaneously until one answers, or if no one answers it will forward to the Core.

Core Schedule ChangesIf you will NOT be available for your scheduled shift for ANY reason, please notify me- Angel @ 636-233-0289 via text or I would prefer at least 24 hours notice before your shift starts.If you need to leave before the end of your scheduled shift, please post to the chat room to see if the other scheduled staff members can handle the call volume.If they cannot, the only option is for me to cover that shift.The phones require much more configuration than they used to with the old software. Turning your phone ‘off’ and stopping it from ringing is NOT simple anymore. I will need at least 30 minutes to make this change, and that is if I am sitting in front of a computer.

Caller IDAdd These Numbers to your Contacts:1-855-954-34351-800-482-7950636-492-1610All Hotline calls will show one of these numbers on caller id when your phone rings. This is how you will know that the call is a Hotline call before answering the phone, by just looking at it. Once you know that it is a Hotline call, please remember to greet the call appropriately with:“Thank you for calling the Wildlife Hotline. This is ______.”

Transferring Calls: WhyAt times you will need to transfer a caller to another extension to leave a message for one particular staff member, or to a group of species specialists*, or even to an outside number.*Remember when transferring to a species extension that the call WILL roll back to the core again if they do not answer. I’m sorry sir, but I want to make sure that we give you the best possible answers to your questions. Would you be willing to leave a message for Kim, our squirrel specialist?I completely understand your concern, ma’am. Why don’t we reattempt to connect with a squirrel specialist now and if they still don’t pick up, please press 738# this time to leave them a message this time.

Transferring Calls: HowWhen initiating a transfer, press # twice during a live call - ##. Then:

Outgoing callsUsing the iPhone App is much easier!

Placing Callers On HoldI’m sorry sir, but I have no idea what you are talking about. May I place you on hold while I research this for a moment?Press ## then 1 to return to call.Hold Commandments:Thou shall NEVER place caller on hold without ASKING first!Thou shalt not leave a caller on hold for longer than 90 seconds at a time without checking in. Go back, press 1 and say, “I’m sorry sir, I am still looking into this. Would you mind holding a minute longer or would you like me to call you back?”Thou shall use hold for hold! Do not put the phone down on table, or mute instead of hold.

VoicemailThe only voicemail you should ever have to check is the “Core” messages and your own private extension.Remember: Download the App on your iPhone and this is much easier!

GroupMe Chat RoomHotline staff keeps in touch using a chat room through GroupMe. This can used at home/work through your web browser, by downloading the GroupMe app on your phone, or I can add you via text message. *Warning: There are times when this chat group will result in over 200 text messages per day if you opt to receive them in that way.

Find Your ExtensionEmail Angel for your pin number.

FaxingThe Hotline phone number doubles as a fax line. If you need to receive a fax, just have the sender send it to 1-855-WILD-HELP and put “Attention: Your Name” on the 1st page. I can forward it to you from there.