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Published Aug 29, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Wildlife Conflict Resolution by PhoneLearn how the Wildlife Hotline works, what we do, who we are, and how to become our kind of crazy.

Who We Are:We are a group of wildlife rehabilitators that started out with different rehab ‘clinics’ across Missouri & Illinois. We all fell in love with our work there, but saw the flaws in how traditional clinics did rehab. Plus, we started to notice some critical things that need to be in place in order to really make a different. At the top of that list is wildlife education. The best way that we have found to educate the public is to TALK to them WHEN they are experiencing a problem. That’s where the Wildlife Hotline comes in. Introductions: Around the Room

What We DoRespondRescueRehabilitateReleaseReasonResolve

Customer Service StandardsThank You For CallingReplace Your Eyes with WeesApologizeIrate CallersDisconnecting Irate CallsBrandingDid you know?Anything else?

GroupMe Chat RoomiPhoneAndroidHome PCWork PCHotline Email AccountsPhone Lists - SMSInternal Communications

Taking Hotline Calls1-855-WILD-HELP

Ask for ZipcodeClick FindClick on RehabberMake sure species is listedRemember to always tell caller to call back if they cannot reach someone

Safety First!Follow Protocol & Ask QuestionsPets, Kids, Mental Disease, & Sleep?Refer Caller to Local Animal Control to File Report. Catch/Keep the bat if possible.YesNoTry to determine if bat is in home by accident or lives there. Use box or can to catch and release outside.

Help!I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!Grounded BatsUse Gloves, Cloth, BoxPlace on Tree or Raised PorchGuide to Tree/PorchContain for Rescue

Coyote ChaosPreventionHazing‘Removal’Food & FeedersUnattended & Unaltered PetsWater FeaturesNoise & LightsScarecrow/HoseHuman InterferenceTrapsRelocationLethal Control

New Mange ProgramMeet Sam:S.cratch O.ut M.angeMail Ivermectin Peanut ButterDonate $10 online or on phoneCure Mange & Stop Seeing Coyote

Deer ProtocolHow to handle deer calls & deer rescues

FawnsLegal IssuesCommon CallsReferralsEars, Butt, Behavior & FliesDifferent CountyDifferent RulesReuniting

Adult DeerInjuriesIllnessesRescueWalking?Standing?In Water?Drooling?Stumbling?NetsFences

Groundhogs (Woodchucks)



Opossum Myths, Legends & LiesHealthy VS In Need of HelpCatching, Handling & TransportProperty Damage & EvictionRemoval: Why No one Does It.Babies, Babies, BabiesRemoval from MomTransportContact Info.


Put it Back!InjuredHome RehabExplain Mom’s HabitsTouch/Smell Doesn’t MatterLocation Does!Referral to RehabAnimal Emergency ClinicsLocal VeterinariansStressFormulasFoods

RaccoonsBabiesIllnessesRescueReuniteEvictionRabiesDistemperBaylis RoundwormDumpster CoonsJarhead Coons

Raptors (Hawks & Owls)Rat PoisonRescueBabiesPrey

Don’t believe everything you hear! I’m not all bad.SkunksBabies:Dates, OrphanedDistemper & Rabies (66)Dens & EvictionTrapping

Grey SquirrelFlyingFox

Squirrel BabiesReuniteTeenagers‘Nuisance’Overnight CareSt. Louis ReferralsEviction

Duck, Duck, Goose

Ducks & Geese:Coexistence GuidelinesNesting Season:Banks, Strip MallsParking LotsMigratory Bird Treaty ActGeese PeaceDeterrents:Strobe LightsCords & LinesLawn TreatmentsScare TacticsFencing

Reptiles & Amphibians

Common CallsTurtlesSnakesFrogsHit By Car / RoadsPetsSnappingRat SnakesRehabPetsWindowsTadpolesInjuries

Becoming a WildMom*Pick a Species*Apprentice*Pre-Inspect*Apply*MDC Inspection*Order Supplies