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Published Aug 28, 2013 in Technology
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Brendan Robinson & the internet of things (#iotdc) for a 1776 Meetup

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Brendan RobinsonCofounder & CEO // Deconstruction, Inc.


Jim Henson “Life’s like a movie. Write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” - Jim Henson

Services Without services there is no Internet of Things Machine-to-Human Machine-to-Machine Machine-to-Infrastructure Machine-to-Agriculture Machine-to-EnvironmentWhat is the “Internet of Things” (IOT)

Designing Services TakesCreativity

The Concepts of The Dark CrystalDreamfastingDuality

Images and memories are communicated directly between to Gelflings through telepathy.Higher level of communication, like talking, but with richer images & visualization.Communicating how the present relates to the past and potentially the future. The Idea of Dreamfasting

ContextSensors generate enormous amounts of dataIn order to create value from sensor data we need to understand itModeling, reasoning, and distribution of context in relation to sensor data is keyContext-aware computing strategy is a mustSource: IEEE

Dreamfasting & IOTSensors & Real TimeComplex Event ProcessingBig Data & Predictive Analytics Creative VisualizationDreamfasting

How to Create ContextSource: IEEE

Dualism vs. DualityDualismThe tendency of humans to perceive the world as being divided into opposing categories: light & dark, good & evil…Duality Opposing forces do not act in opposition but instead exchange reciprocally to promote stabilization and homeostasis.

Digital DualismNotion of online/offline – or virtual/real – as absolutes.Describing the digital as some “other” place, and then judging that place as “virtual” and less real.Valuing the non-digital world as “more human” deep.Source: Jurgenson

Dualism to DualityThe internet is not a fake, other, virtual place. It is a part of the very real world. The duality of our world improves society.The Internet of Things removes the idea of Digital Dualism and replaces it with Digital Duality.Source: Jurgenson

Duality & IOT ServicesExperiment & LearningImmediate Value Proposition

IOT Business ModelsRemote System MonitoringExtended Customer FeaturesTrack & TraceUsage Based Pricing ModelsDeployed Device ManagementService CallsMaintenance Based Warranties

Duality & Context // IOT in ConstructionNoise, Vibration & Weather fluctuation are inevitable realities on a construction project.We combine data logging of past sensor readings with real time predictions of current and future noise and vibration levels at adjacent property lines.Revealing valuable information in real time, which was previously only available after the fact.Virtuous cycle that prevents complaints, work interruptions, stop work orders, bad press, lawsuits and physical harm.


SummaryThe Internet of Things = ServicesUse context to deliver higher forms of communications.Duality can deliver both profit and social goodwill.Success with the IOT is derived from the CREATIVITY put into your services.