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Automate Business Growth Presentation - August 2013

Published Aug 23, 2013 in Business & Management
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By Liza Wisner,

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Liza WisnerBusiness Performance

Systems & ProcessesPolicies & ProceduresStandardsMeasurements

KEY QUESTIONSWhat are the operational systems needed to support my business now and as it grows?How will I measure success?What performance standards and controls will I use to insure success?

ACTION PLAN CONSIDERATIONSWhat is required to grow?What financial goals are necessary to achieve my growth goals?Does the business need more personnel?Access to the team members and outside expertiseCurrent human resources policies and proceduresMeasurable, attainable performance standards for employeesComputer software needed record financial data, compensation, and benefits information

Strategy ConsiderationsAsk yourself: What if I: Had a specific way of going about daily business so that my activities Did not have to re-invent the wheel every time I wanted to repeat an activity?Did not lose valuable information each time someone decided to leave my company?Did not have to be physically present in my business to know that my team efficiently and effectively delivers our products and services and, most importantly, positively connects with our clients?Had a plan that could guide me through daily operational decisions and keep them aligned with my vision, goals, and strategy?

ROAD MAPBenefits of OperationsAlign OperationsDocument Operations

1. BENEFITSSaves your company money, through cost containmentGives new and existing employees a map to the systems within which they will workHelps you identify bottlenecks in otherwise efficient workflowHelps build the business as an asset worthy of being sold

2. Align your operationsReceiving OrdersProductionBilling and CollectionsProduct DevelopmentAccounting FunctionsCustomer ServiceDistributionOrder FulfillmentTechnologyEmployee Benefits Management…and many more.

Mary Nayor – VIP DeskFounded in 1997 - 40 blue-chip clients with over 10 million customers.Is every position still critical?Are we getting maximum productivity out of each department and division?"The people are the business. If you forget that, you won't have a company that lasts."

3. DOCUMENTATIONThe operational systems needed to support the business growth strategy have been identified.Policies, processes, and procedures related to those systems are created and documented.Management teams have participated in identifying the total goals.Job descriptions are written for each member of the team.Performance standards criteria are written to evaluate success.Time lines are applied to performance standards to ensure completion.Evaluation of the costs associated with the growth strategy is complete. 


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Liza WisnerBusiness Performance