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Published Mar 20, 2015 in Other
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

HelloAre you having fun yet?

Saving the EnvironmentSaving Money

What items are reusable?Cardboard boxes

Single use store bags.

Styrofoam Peanuts

Plastic Bubble Wrap

Bikes and Furniture

Furniture and Floor Rugs

Carpet and Underlayment

How to we get buy in?Communication Communication GuiltA little more guiltA lot more guiltTalk about saving money

How do we communicate?Regular emailsRecycle signsRecycle binsWelcome letters

EmailsFrom: Kingsley McLarenSent: Thursday, February 05, 2015 8:47 AMTo: 'Bayside Security'Blind cc:Subject: Recycling EffortDear Homeowners;The last reminder I sent on this was just before the Holidays. The response to the clothing,furniture etc. was gratifying and appreciated by the charities receiving the items.We continue to collect clothing, furniture etc., for future donationsA reminder however, that there are many parts to our award winning program.· The blue bins on each floor are for small items· Large items should be brought to the ground floor trash room· Boxes in good condition are collected for re-use –please do not place them in therecycle dumpster· Plastic shopping bags are dubbed single use, but by saving them and giving them tocharity thrift stores, we save the charity the cost of purchasing bags and contributeheavily toward saving the environment· Styrofoam Peanuts and bubble wrap are saved for future use –please do not place themin the recycle or trash dumpsterVery important:“E” waste which includes electronic equipment some electrical appliances, printers etc. MAYNOT be disposed of through recycle or trash. We have a special contractor working through aState program who collects these items for us.CFL lights and batteries must not find their way into either trash or recycle as they containcontaminants. These are also disposed of through a specially licensed contractor.Paint, thinners etc. should be placed in the special bin in the ground floor trash roomSpecial Request;When purchasing paper, plastic, glass or printer ink, please help the environment by purchasingitems with the recycled content labelOver the years we have saved a considerable amount of money on our disposal bill because ofthis program. Going Green saves us Green (Money)Kingsley McLaren CCAMGeneral ManagerBayside at the EmbarcaderoRecycler of the Year Award 2010Recycler of the Year Award 2011Directors Award for Recycling 2012Recycler of the Year Award 2013Directors Award for Recycling 2014The Prescott Companies an Associa Company1325 Pacific HighwaySan Diego CA. 92101Phone (619) 238-4924Fax (619)

Welcome NewsletterLorem Ipsum Spring 2016, Issue 4Going Green saves Bayside GreenbacksBayside is the Gold standard for high‐rise recycling in the City of San Diego. The Association haswon five consecutive years of recycling awards from the City. The program requires a little effortbut in essence is quite simple.1. A 33 Gallon recycle bin is on every floor for small co‐mingled recyclables.2. A small purple bin is on every floor to receive compact fluorescent lights and batteries (Thesecannot be recycled and are not permitted in the general trash.)3. Large recyclables are taken to the main trash room on the ground floor ‐ also co‐mingled.4. Moving boxes of various sizes in good condition are kept aside and stored for re‐use duringmove out or for additional storage and are available to residents free of charge on request.5. Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap are also saved for re‐use.6. Four separate bins are in the ground floor trash room: "ʺE"ʺ waste, batteries, Styrofoam peanuts,plastic shopping bags and hazardous waste such as paint, thinners etc.7. The manager delivers the plastic shopping bags to a number of thrift stores so (a) they save thethrift store the cost of purchase and (b) they get re--‐‑used before being recycled8. Clothing and household items are collected and when there is enough to fill at least 1/3 of atruck they are offered rotationally to Goodwill, the Rescue Mission, Father Joe or SalvationArmy.A simple program that saves us money --‐‑ Our trash collection bill has come down from $2400 permonth mid‐2009 to a current $719 per month, all because of homeowner recycling efforts. Join us.We save green by Going Green.

What does it look like?

Going a little bigger

So! What have we learned?

And Have FUN

Save moneySave the planetAnd the Earth thanks you