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Toll Free Direct for Cable Companies

Published Aug 7, 2013 in Industry
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Toll Free ProblemCable companies are paying IXC for calls that they can connect through less expensive meansThe option of using Feature Group D is costly and results in underutilized trunks

Toll Free SolutionContract with ATL who will provide databases containing call routing cable information and coordinate with third party switch providersUse an alternate tandem provider to avoid unnecessary IXC charges and eliminate cumbersome originating access charge administrationEstablish private network of participating cable partners to lower costs and access additional future benefitsRoute your calls without going to the IXC or LEC world

Current Toll Free RoutingCable SwitchLEC SwitchDialed Toll Free Number1-8YY-xxxxDB Dip for CICSMSTerm LECIXC Switch

OffNetCable SwitchAlternate Tandem ProviderDialed Toll Free Number1-8YY-xxxxDB Dip ATL for OnNet or OffNetSMSTerm Carrier SwitchIXC SwitchDB Dip for CIC

OnNet Calls(Calls between networked cable company switches)ATL DatabaseYourCable SwitchYourCable SwitchDialed Toll Free Number1-8YY-xxxxDB DipTranslation to POTS or return TFAlternative TandemProviderDefinition of OnNet

Near OnNet Calls(Calls between non-networked cable company switches)ATL DatabaseOther participating cable company SwitchYour Cable SwitchDialed Toll Free Number1-8YY-xxxxTranslation to POTS or return TFAlternative TandemProviderDB Dip

WHAT WILL YOU SAVE?Current Cost for OnNet call$ .010 IXC Charge $ .004 + per minute (Originating Access Recovery)$ .006 Cost Under Proposed Arrangement $ .003 Alternate Tandem Provider charge per minute$ .001 ATL DB charge per call (will decrease with volume)$ .0035 (average assuming a 2 minute call) 33% savings day one for OnNet calls. Represents a $25,000 monthly savings for carrier with 10 million minutes per month.Additional cost reduction from reduced facilities and facilities management and built in reductions on volume.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO?Contract with ATL for database serviceUpload your current toll free data (toll free number, terminating data, OffNet carrier, etc.)Contract with the alternate tandem provider to provide tandem services (no Feature Group D circuits required)ATL will provide exchange agreements (opt-in) for Near OnNet arrangements

WHY USE ATL FOR THIS PROJECTATL has a 20-year history of being carrier neutral, honest, and stable.ATL is active in national committees – we know, influence, and understand the current operation and regulatory landscape and what is planned in the future.ATL is the oldest and largest RespOrg in the business ranking in the top ten in size of the more than 400 current RespOrgs.ATL established CIC codes permissions with the national carriers more than a decade ago so OffNet routing will continue to be handled smoothly.