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Published Aug 5, 2013 in Business & Management
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Take these three simple steps and start supercharging your business and your income! This presentation is going to help you start to focus on your goals for your online business by taking your through 3 simple steps to achieve success. Is it really that easy to become an online entrepreneur earning pots of money sitting on the beach and tapping on your laptop for a few minutes each day - whilst getting a suntan?
If you are like me you will know that there is always so much to do and so little time to do it. And we all want to make our online businesses successful – Right?
But the internet is vast and if you have ever looked for solutions and products that will help you , you will probably be suffering from information overload.
Now there is absolutely no doubt that many of these resources do work – and some of them work really well. But which one do you choose?
Let me introduce you to the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome”. We are all attracted to bright shiny things – that’s why we buy jewellery and sports cars!
But how often have you found yourself drawn by the masterful sales pitch and the promise of the ultimate strategy, or money-making system that offer huge earnings online. Or maybe you are attracted by the latest apps and software that let us do mundane tasks quicker and easier and with less effort.
The problem is that the internet is so full of STUFF! If you are not clear on what you actually want to achieve it is hard to know which product is going to help you with your particular problem.
You may find yourself buying everything you think you need because you are afraid of missing out! But what do you do with all of these bright shiny objects once you have them?
There definitely comes a point in every potential online entrepreneur’s life where he/she either gives up OR says: I need to Stop – I am going in circles! I need to Focus on my goals and Plan what I am doing!
Fortunately, using the 3 steps to success is a skill that can be learned, and it is essential that you do if you want to be successful online.
These are the steps: Step 1 – set your goals, Step 2 – Make a plan, Step 3 – Work your plan.
Step 1 – Setting your Goals. You need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with your online business, what does your business need to get going. You can apply this to life goals as well.
The thing about Goals is that they provide you with FOCUS. If you know what you want to achieve and work towards it – you will find it easier to avoid distractions.
Be clear about your goals and break them down into specific and manageable objectives Maybe you want to develop your Facebook Marketing skills to promote your business. I’ve provided you with an example goal so that you can see how to put the 3 steps into action. Here the main goal is to “Use facebook to market like a pro” and I have broken down the goal into smaller very specific objectives. That is because if you state something in a specific way– it is easy to see if you have achieved it!
Step 2: Make a Plan. What do you need to do to achieve your Goals? You are going to need to set your plan in a step by step fashion.
But First you need to do some Brainstorming - Put some ideas down on paper – remembering to break it down into realistic and achievable steps -
Now Create your Plan! - it is much easier to follow a simple, specific, plan than an unclear plan with no boundaries or time limits.
Step 3: Work It! Action! Action! Action! There is no point in buying a brilliant training program if you are not going to use it! Get Going and start putting your new skills into practice. And Make sure you set aside some time to review what you have achieved. Then it is rinse and repeat.
So just to review what we have just looked at:
Set Your goals!
Make a Plan!
Work on your Plan!
Brian Tracey Quote: ”Goals enable you to do the work ...,"
If you would like to learn more about the Facebook Marketing 2013 course I mentioned in the example – click the button at the bottom of the page – or follow the link under the presentation. There is a Free, comprehensive 90 page ebook on offer and a special time limited 50% off cost price for the in-depth facebook marketing video course through this link.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

3 Steps to SuccessClick Here

How hard is itto have a successfulonline business?Click Here

There areso many things you need to do for your online business!Click Here

..., and so manyproducts offering the perfect solution to your web problemsClick Here

Which one do you choose?Click Here

So Many Bright Shiny Objects!For Instance – have you been drawn to....,Click Here

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So you buy everything you can because you don’t want to miss out!But What Do You Dowith all of theseBright Shiny Objectsonce you have them?Are they stored insome dusty part ofyour hard drive ?ForgottenUnusedWastedClick Here

So What Can You Do?1. SET GOALS2. PLAN!3. ACTIONSTOP NOW!Click Here

It is time to put the 3 Steps To SuccessintoACTION!Click Here

1. Set Your Goals2. Make a Plan!3. Work Your Plan!Click Here

Step 1Set Your GoalsWhat Do You Want to Achieve with your Online Business?What Do You Want To Achieve with your Life?Click Here

Step 1...ctdGoals ProvideFOCUSGoals preventDISTRACTIONClick Here

Break Your Goal Down into manageable chunks!Remember!Step 1...ctdClick Here

Let me show you how this worksExample6. Grow my email LIST with hungry buyers“The GOAL:” I want to use Facebook to:1. Grow My Business & my brand 2. Become a Go-To page for my niche4. Learn Edgerank & improve my strategy3. Engage my customers – content, quizzes, etc5. Advertise my products & servicesMarket Like A Pro!

How Are You Going To Achieve Your Goal?Set Out Your Plan Step by Step...,Make a Plan!Step 2Click Here

Brainstorm the PlanWhat Do You Need to do to achieve your Goal?6. Learn to create Tab opt-ins for my email LIST1. Learn how to Post content that ROCKS!2. Learn how to build my Profile & Reputation4. Learn technical skills e.g. Edgerank & Apps3. Get skills to Engage my Customers5. Develop Advertising skills & strategiesStep 2..,ctd

Create the Plan in realistic STEPS!5. Use new strategies and skills on your facebook campaign as you learn – Earn While You Learn!3. Work through the training – Break this part of the plan down into smaller steps with time limits for each task.1. Research and find the best training program you can afford by a recognised expert – Time: x days4. Time limit each main step of the Plan: For Focus! Step 2 ..,ctd2. Find and/or Purchase your training e.g.‘Facebook Marketing 2013’ by Jo Barnes

Work Your Plan!Step 31. Implement new strategies and skills to facebook campaign2. Review progress each Day/Week/Month3. Rinse and Repeat your campaignsClick Here

1. Set Your Goals2. Make a Plan!3. Work Your Plan!Click Here

One Final Thought...,”Goals enable you to do the work you want to do, to live where you want to live,to be with the people you enjoy,and to become the kind of person you want to become.There is no limit to the financial rewards youcan obtain. All you have to do is to set a goalfor financial success, make a plan, and thenwork the plan until you succeed in that area.”Brian Tracey, EntrepreneurGet Your Free Facebook Marketing e-book Click Here

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