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Published Aug 4, 2013 in Education
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Module 11 Presentation: Virtual Worlds
ICM 552
Elise Cummings

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Can Dos and Won’t Dos: Virtually No CertaintiesELISE CUMMINGS

What is a virtual world?A virtual world is a 2-D or 3-D web-based simulation of real-world events.Uses “avatars,” which are digital representations of people. These may or may not look like the person controlling the avatar.The purpose is to interact with people like one would in “real life.”More and more businesses are using virtual worlds to conduct business.

Example of virtual worldsSECOND LIFE

Prevalence of virtual worlds and businessBusinesses like IBM, Cisco and Intel use virtual worlds to conduct business.A recent article cites that 15-20% of the 200,000 users of Second Life use the service for business. 44% of IBM’s employees work outside the traditional office.A 2011 article cites that 60% of businesses surveyed planned to implement virtual worlds into their business model that year.

Reasons for virtual businessCollaborating across physical borders and locationsMoney-saving opportunities by conducting business onlineCuts out the “middle man” and fosters more communication

Reasons for virtual businessLess sick days taken by employees because of less stressEnvironmental benefits because of less commutingLess company overhead

Virtual business consStealing intellectual propertyRisk of losing trust by not “knowing” co-workers“Under the table” activity like bets, bribes and money laundering

Virtual business consWorkers are required to be self-motivated, which is not always the caseDecrease in interpersonal relationships and social interactions

That is why we will implement a code of conduct/integrity policy.

Policy “can dos”Virtual worlds will be used for collaborating and working together. Virtual worlds will be used for events and online meetings.Virtual worlds will be used to present mock-ups of products, presentations and other business and marketing materials.Virtual worlds will be used to communicate with co-workers and customers.

Policy “won’t dos”Workers will not engage in “under the table” activities such as bribes, bets, money laundering, money trading or other illegal activities.Sexual favors, illicit sexual acts and sexual innuendoes will not be tolerated.Workers must present their avatars in a professional manner, and must be their “real life” gender.Racial slurs or innuendoes will not be tolerated in any way.

Return on investmentCisco cites five ways that businesses will gain extensive ROI on engaging in a virtual world:Reduce costs for energy, hardware and floor spaceSave on staffing IT repsDecrease system downtime, which gives peace of mindDisaster recovery is more efficientOverall business is more efficient and agile