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Published Aug 1, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How to blog Beginner's guide to bloggingPublished by :

Use this ''How to blog'' guide to learn how to get your blog up and running from scratch. It will give you and enlightenment and what to avoid when making the right choices in the steps to set up your blog. Simply visit

5 Key Points to note while learning how to blog Below are some important points to be keen and taken into much consideration while starting the blogging journey.1. Know what to blog about A big mistake that many people do while starting up with blogging is that they just dive in and start blogging without really analyzing and choosing a niche. People who do not choose a specific niche to blog about often get stuck while going on with their blogging. One should choose a niche of something that they are interested in and they have passion in.

2. Choosing the right platform One of the key steps that one should be keen when learning how to blog is considering a platform to work with. Many people make a big mistake while choosing a platform to work with. When someone chooses a wrong platform, they may end up failing to take advantage of the rich features that other platforms have. There are many CMS platforms nowadays with the most popular being Wordpress, Joomla and Typepad. Many webmasters would advice newbies to use Wordpress as a blogging platform as it is free, easy, flexible and has lots of plug-ins that easily helps bloggers add different extensions.3. Get a the right domain name and hosting When one decides to blog they should choose a domain name that best suits their blog. It should be easy to remember and interesting. It is also advisable to pick a short domain name. Hosting is also a matter of concern that a blogger should consider. A good and serious blog which is destined for great things in future should be hosted on very reliable servers that never go down; this will ensure that one has somewhere to invest their time and learn.

4. Get a perfect design for your blog Another thing that I can never leave out while coaching someone on how to blog is the blog design. People always love a design that is appealing and one that is easy to navigate and find what they need. There are plenty of free themes that one can choose from different platforms. Wordpress have their own repository where there are thousands of designs that are tested and ready to deliver. 5. Put it down with passion Blogging should not be something that is forced but should come from one's passion. When one has passion to do something, they will do it perfectly as they are doing it without any tension. This is a very important element when considering starting up a blog and for this reason this turns out to be one of the key points that one should know while learning how to blog.

Great ideas to blog aboutReviews Reviews are one of the easiest and among the most profitable for internet marketing bloggers. A blogger with passion in a certain product can come up with a good review easily since they have a better understanding of the product. This will also give the a chance to make money as an affiliate.

Funny Content People who are talented to make people laugh or just have love for comedies and jokes can build large amount of audience while making money from putting up funny content on their blogs. The comedy and 'funny content' industry among the stable industries that bloggers are realizing.

Opinions and Editorials There are different types of audiences and research shows that there is a good number of audience who are interested in the writer's personality rather than the blog itself. Showing personality and opinion on a certain field that a blogger is good in might bring in more audience. Adding insights and opinions to a burning global, national or a communal issue wont hurt but may turn into a hot debate that will let readers become more focused on the blog.

Summary Blogging is an important activity that people are turning to nowadays. It is therefore important to engage and learn the best way to do it in order to be successful and reap from it. This guide will give you a highlight on how to become a better blogger. Visit and find out more.  Visit this site to learn more :