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Published Aug 1, 2013 in DIY & How-To
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What I Know About Hannibalvia secondhand fandom exposurea presentation by rebusravenMmmm yum food it’s actually people don’t eat it

So this guy is HannibalHe’s a cannibalLook at him posing with his skullThat’s you if you’re rude to himHe doesn’t like rude peopleAlso half the fandom refuses to admit that he’s evil idk why I mean he eats peopleIn this picture Hannibal is eating a cherry or somethingSurprise it’s peopleApparently he’s got a tragic past and is butthurt because someone ate his girl

This guy is WillSomeone needs to help Will GrahamHey little mama let me whisper in your earNo Hannibal I do not wish to partake in the sex with youAyyyy papiHe solves thingsHe doesn’t know that Hannibal is the cannibalAlso is shipped with Hannibal It is called HannigramHannibal is his doctor I think?

This guy is JackHe is an agentHis last name is Crawford and it reminds me of these thingsThese are crawfishThey go very well with pastaI think Hannibal is also reminded of crawfish by looking at CrawfordI need to go to the bathroomI’m drinking wineHaha it’s actually people

Sometimes Hannibal cosplays a stagID even K this show is weirdDo he got a bootyHe dooooooo

The fandom is crazyLike this is all you need to see

And that’s all I know about HannibalHaha ur nextpeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeoplepeople