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SEO Recommendations To Remodel A Site

Published Jul 31, 2013 in Business & Management
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Sometimes web sites need to be completely remodeled but what about the traffic and good charted that this site had? The right thing is to start working SEO technical aspects from the moment the page is built.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

1 SEO Recommendations to Remodel A Site Sometimes web sites need to be completely remodelled but what about the traffic and good charted that this site had? The right thing is to start working SEO technical aspects from the moment the page is built. If you wait until the site is ready to optimize it might take too long to retake the position with which there were also some changes in SEO may require major changes in the design. To minimize the impact on the search engines remodelling your Web page, follow these tips. 1. SEO Audit You can hire an SEO expert from the beginning, it is important to set and remove obstacles that prevent your site position. They can be simple aspects i n the design or other demanding technical knowledge, such as a high load time. This task can also be done using software; there are programs to review for you the state of internal links, labels and other limitations that may arise. 2. Friendly design By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

2 When the search engines start crawling your website to index in Google database, taking into account aspects of the site design, the best would include little or no flash content; this will help your website to be 3. Keywords Choosing the right keywords will always be one of the main factor to consider for good positioning. You get the most relevant Google to ols and know figures to help you make a decision, for example: the number of searches recorded monthly or number of impressions that the word has had. 4. Include keywords in website design Once keywords have been selected that help position your website and it should be included in the contents of the websites, without resorting to exaggeration and without causing the lost text coherence. Keywords help to position a site in a good location within a search. Although web design is finalized, frequently upd ate the content using targeted keywords, it brings great benefits. With the help of the keywords, use Meta descriptions and title tags. 5. Navigation satisfactory Once content developed is organizing the page. You must develop the site structure so, to provide satisfactory user navigation. Develop it with all the information to the user, i.e. they find what they want without having to go from one side to another of the website. You must organize your site, considering users and search engines. 6. Site Analysis By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

3 Using Webmaster Tools, you can analyze which pages are most visited have and take the remodelling of your site change for which no. The analysis you do, c onsider important aspects such as content reuse, if modified a page, try to not have your URL changes, this could affect the web traffic already had. If you cannot maintain the structure of the URL, you can minimize the impact of changes by applying 301s. Update URL for months can affect the results of your pages. 7. Links to the site Search web pages or directories where you can add links to your site that will help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines. There are paid directories and other free you can take advantage of from there. 8. Error pages It is common that after remodelling an existing site with 404 pages, when this happens be sure to customize a page that displays links to your website. These errors affect the reputation of your si te not only with users; search engines also take these errors as criteria in the optimization. It is very important to the site reanalysis because many people can click on search results pages that connect to just be moved or removed. Renew a site is a goo d strategy to refresh your image to users. In SEO account even the smallest detail and a little carelessness can sink your page within the searches. Post By Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in speci alized iPhone application development . By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company