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Published Jul 26, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

why itachi’s name means “weasel”
by slimshadysasuke
aka maria
aka itachi/makoto’s gf

i’m taking the definition of weasel from wikipedia
and itachi photos from naruto episodes/manga

mmmm that fine piece of face
disclaimer: i don’t own itachi or naruto or anything awsum like that

they all belong to this satanic person who ripped me of my feels

Ok lets get started!

reason #1
itachi is active

obv cuz he’s a ninja

but he’s also 5’7-8”

yah you thought he was a 6 foot greek god nope he a lil shorty

reason #2
he got dat white belly mmmm that uchiha belly button
this was the only skin we ever saw of itachi it ain’t enuff
hot dayum
10/10 wuld bang

reason #3
I think it’s pretty self explanatory wat the tail represents here
he should just be a garnier fructise model already
oh wait

he dead

reason #4
Guile basically means deceiving
mmm yes ur eyes are very guile itachi

you can deceive me anyway
gotta have dat sex appeal
2 quick for ur turtle movements
his speed on the battlefield ain’t nothin compared his speed in bed

Cultural meaning and folklore of “weasel”
welp, this was really shitty bad luck then

but we all know why he did it so we forgive you itachi
conflagrations means an extensive fire that destroys like a shit load of land
and just like that, mother nature loses its relevancy to itachi
that beautiful mouth formation tho
It kinda looks like a fish
still hawt