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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Boron Nitride Spray II
Aluminum Extrusion
By Innovative Growth Enterprises, Ludhiana Mob: 9910899409


Extrusion  process  involves  preheated cylindrical aluminum billet,  pressed  through a steel die with a pressing ram (also called, the  dummy block).  

At temperatures above 450°C aluminum tends to stick to steel, common  challenges are sticking of the billet to dummy head and sealing of dummy head against the die /container.

To avoid rejects due to blistering and uneven surface  profile  caused  by  these  issues,  each  extrusion  cycle  must  end  with  the  dummy  block separating  quickly and effortlessly from  the billet.  


Challenges in Aluminum Extrusion Process

Graphite Suspensions

Acetylene Gas

Why Boron Nitride Spray

And Boron Spray is Also…………

GE Advanced Materials (Now Momentive): Boron Nitride Spray Coating

The Ceramics division of GE Advanced Materials (now Momentive Performance) has introduced a new grade of its boron nitride (BN) spray coating, which eliminates the use of methylene chloride. *GE's Boron Nitride (BN) Spray II is an excellent candidate for use as a release agent and lubricant in a wide range of applications, including metal forming, glassmaking, plastics molding, high-temperature sintering, and welding and brazing. The new spray coating contains a high-purity, high-crystalline grade of BN that imparts superior lubrication properties. It is offered in an aerosol package for easier application.
*This spray coating now comes as Momentive Boron Nitride Spray

Innovative Growth Enterprises one of Largest Supplier of Boron Nitride Spray in India
This spray now comes as Momentive Boron Nitride Spray

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