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CuffLynx - The Tablet Application for Jails

Published Jun 19, 2013 in Business & Management
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CuffLynx is a new tablet application produced by the Margaret Eleanor Duplessis Foundation with Cuff Publishing. It allows jails to give inmates a single tablet, which will download all of their personal contacts and credit and debit card data onto a secure third party server. The Tablet is restricted from opening any other programs. This means that when inmates need to pay bail, they have a way to do that easily and securely -- without jails worrying about having to give personal items like cell phones back, or having to store data themselves.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Booking
Tablet & App
for your Jail


During the booking process, an inmate’s personal belongings are confiscated by jail officials.
Afterwards, the inmate will lack access both to basic financial information, such as credit and debit cards, and to cell phone contacts. This makes it harder to reach friends and family, and to make bail.


CuffLynx, a new tablet application, will download financial and contact information from an inmate’s credit card and cell phone.
All data is stored on an external server.
Access to the internet and other programs will be completely restricted.


Uses modern facial recognition software
Interfaces with over 99% of cell phones on the market
Safe, secure
Cheap to produce. Your jail will have at least 3 extras
All information will be completely deleted within 90 days

Here’s how it works

During the booking process, the inmate signs a consent form to use the CuffLynx application.

This frees your jail from legal liability.

The form reminds the inmate that damaging the tablet is a felony offense.

Here’s how it works…

The CuffLynx software describes the process in English and Spanish.

It then guides the inmate as he or she creates an account.

How it works:
Contact Information

The inmate then plugs his/her cell phone into the tablet, which automatically downloads all
personal contact information.
Ports for 99% of all current phones:
Apple 30

A snapshot for future inmate access

The CuffLynx software takes the inmate’s picture and processes it for future facial recognition .

Facial Recognition

To insure privacy, the CuffLynx tablet will be restricted to one inmate. Login will use the most modern facial recognition software.

How it works:
Credit Information

The inmate swipes his/her credit and debit cards through the tablet’s card reader, automatically storing financial data.

Jail guards can now confiscate the inmate’s cell phone and credit/debit cards, completing the booking process
Inmates can keep the Tablet in their cell
The inmate’s personal contacts and financial information are automatically transferred to a secure, third party cloud-based server

Making Bail

When meeting with bail bondsmen, inmates can access contact information or charge to their credit or debit cards with the tap of a button.

Leaving Jail

When inmates leave the jail, they return their tablets to jail officials.
Every 90 days, all personal inmate information is automatically deleted from the external server.
Your staff never sees or accesses the inmate’s information at any time.

It’s free.
How much does the CuffLynx Tablet & App Program cost?
Your jail gets all the tablets, PLUS the CuffLynx app PLUS extra tablets for FREE.
This and other Cuff Publishing services recoup costs from bail agent and attorney advertising, and are produced at ZERO taxpayer expense.

Cuff Publishing
& the MED Foundation offer
Free publications & services to jailers, including
customized Inmate Handbooks & CuffLynx.
Our motto: Good information puts YOU in control

MED Foundation
The MED Foundation was created to provide communication tools to law enforcement and establish a self-funding mechanism for continuing development of educational resources for detention centers nationwide.
The MED Grant funds development of guides and handbooks to inform arrestees and their families about the arrest, incarceration and judicial processes. Most detention facilities will qualify for MED grant. Visit for more information.

Like what you’ve learned?

Cuff Publishing’s CuffLynx tablet and app, plus our other publications and services, can help your jail:
Communicate effectively with prisoners
Deal fairly with bail agents, and
Save taxpayer dollars

Your facility probably qualifies for a MED Grant. Visit us online today to learn more:

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Unit 1A
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