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Published Jun 17, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

My 13-year old brother talking about the men of SuperWhoLock.
by tumblr user bakerstbarricadeboys and brother
(he is purple) (i’m blue)

His name is dean. No. His shirt is too ruffled . He needs an ironing board

Sam. Supernatural. Does anyone on this cast have a ironing board? He needs to fire his hair dresser
What is your fascination w/ shirts?

Casssss. Misha. Russian. No longer angel. His shirt is also ruffled. He needs a good shave.
Actually pretty spot on. Congrats.

Gabriel. His shirt is ruffled. He has miniscule dirt on his left elbow. His hair is off. He has a crooked smile.
Are you serious?

HE needs smaller clothes. He is turtling in his other.

Doctor Who? Doctor What?
Doctor Chicka chicka Matt shady
i don’t know what to say to this

His suit is nice. He needs a tie. Why is he in a alley. Is the photographer attempting to murder him? Vice Versa?

Elementary, my dear Watson.

(I only threw in Barrowman because my bro hates his character on Arrow).