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Published Jun 15, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

I made my family do that famous-person thing
A powerpoint by low-battery-life
This is my mom
This is my brother
And this is my dad

Doctor Who? Maybe that’s barty crouch jr .
Doctor Who
Doctor Who

I have no idea who that is
Matt Smith
Still Doctor Who, well the Doctor, he’s the one who’s leaving at Christmas

Oh…he’s a bad guy but I dunno who. Are these all from british shows?
Um, no clue who that guy is. I’ve seen him from somewhere but I don’t know
Sixth Doctor…I think

Again, I have no idea who that is but he looks slightly familiar. The hair is wrong
Well, on one hand it’s Sherlock Holmes, on the other hand it’s Khan from Star Trek 2

Hubba hubba holy cow he’s cute
This is captain…jack? He’s a good singer
Tom Cruise?

He looks like a politician

Um…no, I’ve never seen him. But he looks very cute and friendly
Huh? Oh, other guy from the…demon show

He looks like a young ohhhh what was his name he looks like one of the monkeys
Hey dude, I’m chasing demons

Are these all male models that you’re showing me? I have no idea who that is
Um…angel guy
He looks very intense and I don’t know who he is

What is that on his shirt? Oh, he’s the online guy! I think he’s an online guy, like a youtube guy you showed me once
As his shirt says, he’s a complete zero…so no, I have no idea who he is

Uh… I think he’s the youtube guy’s friend?
New York City he has an interesting shirt
Um, other youtuber whose name I can’t remember

I don’t know who it is but that guy looks a lot like my friend’s son
He looks like uh, Harry Potter’s dad
No, I don’t know who he is

I don’t know who he is although I suspect he borrowed the glasses from the other guy
I have no clue

*starts laughing* what does that say behind him? The avengers? I guess he’s one of the avengers
I don’t know
He’s that villian from planet something, brother of thor. Basically he’s some british actor