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Published Jun 14, 2013 in Spiritual
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An outreach program developed by Luther Hour Ministries, in conjunction with the Florida/Georgia District to promote growth throughout the Lutheran Church.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


The Joy

My story

The Urgency

The Opportunity
LCMS Baptized Membership

LCMS Adult Confirmations by Year

The Opportunity

LCMS Child Baptisms by Year

The Opportunity

FLGA Baptized Membership

The Opportunity

FLGA / LCMS Child Baptisms

The Opportunity

FLGA / LCMS Adult Confirmations 2011

The Opportunity

The Goal
The tension
The farmer toils
The seed grows by itself
Mark 4: 26-29

The Goal!

By the grace of God, the number of people being saved in the FLGA district will have doubled by the end of 2015!

The Process

The process
“The . . . consistent practice among exemplary churches was well-thought out and consistently executed follow-up with their contact lists.”

The Process
Consistent follow-up

The Process

The Process
“[This] set of behaviors is perhaps the hardest to “design.” These pastors talked, and talked, and talked about the importance of reaching their community . . .

Session 3 Recommendations
They talked about it from the pulpit and in smaller settings. They communicated unequivocally to their people an expectation to be reaching those outside the church

The Process
Prayer that we are changed to God’s will
Prayer that God’s Kingdom of Grace grows

The Process
The Barna study indicates that there are many choices, but it is important to do something
Supports the FLGA goal of training 6000 people in outreach
In LHM’s MISSION U field of work

The Process
Story telling in various settings establishes the values and identity of the congregations.
It occurs both from the pulpit and also in other settings.
It’s the story of God’s story in our lives

The Process

The Process
“The pastors of these [exemplary] churches felt a strong sense of mission toward their local communities. They wanted to be the shepherd to those outside of their walls as much as to those in the pews.”

The Process
The people were organized not to serve themselves but see themselves in service and in mission to their communities.

The Process
These churches were excited to see new people, and they made sure to let those people feel valued. (They made sure to do this in a non-intrusive way.)

The Process
These churches got to know their communities needs and people through relationships and surveys.

Session 3: Recommendations
Exemplary churches put their values into action and connected to the community in meaningful ways.

Practical Steps

Practical Steps
Phase 1
Begins Sept 2013

Practical Steps
Consistent Follow-up

The Plan
Sermon Series
Lectionary or free texts
Include mission focus when in the text

The Plan
Corporate and Individual prayers
(Prayer for people to get into heaven)
Prayer vigil

The Plan
Story Telling
In worship
In Bible Class
Congregational ownership

What goal can we set for story telling?

The Plan
Goal: Every circuit have a MISSION U or other training event Sept. or Oct.

Practical Steps
Phase 2
Begins Jan 2014

The Plan
Learn about community
Start at least one ministry that serves a need

The Plan
Begin to implement social media outreach
Will be essential for Phase 3

Practical Steps
Phase 3
Begins Mar 2015

The Plan
LHM has history and existing media
Living for Tomorrow
Parish Media Teams
Lutheran Hour
TV specials

The Plan
Nature changes quickly
Surely will include social/digital media
Referrals will go to qualified congregations

The Partners

The promise
Will you partner with us?

Our Plan…
Congregational covenant approved by appropriate body
Report congregational participation to the district by June 15

Zechariah 12:6
“On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves.”

Zechariah 12:6
“a in a woodpile . .. “

Thank you!