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Boobies, an informative powerpoint.pptx

Published Jun 11, 2013 in Humor & Fun
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Boobies, an informative powerpoint
Fuck gannets, nobody likes them so I won’t include them just fucking forget half of sulidae you shits and don’t argue
I heard that you ass
Nobody cares, Gannet-Gannet

Boobies, don’t laugh at their names
Their names come from the guys who discovered them thought how they landed on their ships was stupid and how they walked all clumsily so they called them Bobo meaning stupid in spanish and they ate them because of that so don’t laugh at their names you jerks
Not why they got their name

Types of boobies
Everybody forgets that there are other boobies than blue footed which is bloody annoying
Abbott’s booby is the weird cousin who people judge at dinner parties but is still a booby and family
Red footed booby
Nazca booby
Masked booby
Peruvian booby
Blue footed booby
Abbotts booby
Tasman Booby was extinct but then they weren’t but idk if they are again? It’s bloody confusing, just look it up
Brown booby

Stuff about boobies
The red footed booby is the smallest booby
Boys strut their stuff and the brighter the feet the more attractive they are
Feet are also used to keep their chicks warm
They have closable nostrils
They are fast and graceful in the water but slow and lumber about on land
Red footed boobies are the only boobies to nest in trees
The red footed booby name is sula-sula, the moon-moon of the booby world
You’re a jerk

I hope you enjoyed my horrible PowerPoint!