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Published May 23, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Media Impact of Punk Music
Slideshow done by: Cutler

Punk was a revolutionary genre of music, it changed the face of the music industry as we know it. It changed fashion, youth culture and created an entirely new form of performance. It gave a voice to a new generation, an opportunity to take a stand and be loud.
What is Punk?

The origin of Punk
Nobody really truly knows who first started the punk revolution, but it started around the 70s when bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Blondie and Television. Unemployment rates of young adults skyrocketed and 60% of 18 year olds were left without jobs. This brought out a new generation of youth with strong opinions and a lot of free time.

History time!!
Richard Hell is credited as the first man to spike his hair and wear torn and battered clothing. He’s considered an innovator of punk music and fashion.
Malcom Mclaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, credited Richard Hell as one of the main inspirations for the Sex Pistols’ fashion and attitude.
Hell formed a band and produced one of the top songs that shaped rock and also is recognized as one of the top ten punk songs of all time.

More History!!