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Published May 20, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Originally titled “Sun of Earth”
Development Presentation

The blog
If you’re not reading this on the blog, then please head to that via this link –

On there you can view all the concept art, the final film and so on

The original idea
I wanted to expand my Sun of Earth Idea, but first it needed a new name, so I decided to call it Theia.

Theia is the hypothetical planet that, according to the giant impact hypothesis of the Moon’s formation, collided with Earth over four billion years ago.

How the story changed
I decided to ditch the ‘afterlife’ part of my story completely because this is supposed to be a 2 minute short, not a feature film.
Now my story would end when the man has drowned in the sea, after diving in for the moon (the reflection).
I don’t really have a moral for my film, as it’s more of a personal satisfaction struggle and adventure, that also meets the brief.

Pencil, or digital?
I even bought myself a lightbox… and didn’t really use it.
I am ashamed that I didn’t pencil my animation, but on the plus side, I can animate on Flash with ease (even though it’s frowned upon in the industry!).
Though I did spend days and days creating the flash animation, here’s how I made them…

The reference.
It wasn’t intentional, but my animation somehow ended up as this gritty semi rotoscoped ‘thing’, and I liked it.

And then from that to this…
I have an old obsession with putting a green background behind all my work on flash.

All the green thumbnails are flash exports, some contain two or three shots per mov.

Textures to mountains…
I used photoshop to create each object in every shot, for example this…


To after effects!

I used a bunch of plugins to create my illusion. Such as:
Optical Flares
CC sphere (for the planets!)
And so on…

Just the finished shots…

To conclude.
This is has been the most challenging animation I have ever done.
Why is my character grey? – To appeal to a wider audience.
And have you noticed the colour change throughout? It’s get’s a lot more interesting in the… extended edition…