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Sun of earth

Published May 20, 2013 in Research
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Development and research of my animation 'Thiea'

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

An Idea Proposed by
Zach Evans

4.5 Billion Years ago, the Planet Theia collides with Earth,
Creating the Moon, and with that, creating the perfectly
balanced Catalyst for
Life to grow on Earth.
A Billion Years later … the first ‘Man’ rose from the crust of the Earth
0 min -

In an empty, alien-like World

There will be little dialogue, as narrative will be vaguely presented in “cave drawings” with a subtitled interpretation below.

So what is his purpose? He sits in a cave for a billion years. Still.
Just watching volcanoes rise and mountains fall.
Nothing grows… the only sound he hears are of crashing rocks, howling winds and severe thunderstorms.
The Man does not need to sleep, drink, eat, breathe, nothing.

After a load of establishing shots. And still not seeing the mans face, he reaches a dry, arid desert. The sky has become a deep blue, no clouds form here.

He comes across a small stem, the first living thing he has ever seen, he’s cautious and frightened, but leaves it alone to continue the walk.
Then one day, he decides to walk. And walk.

The Man has seen for the first time water and with that it rained. Still scared but enlightened, he perches on the cliff side, unaware that he’s now spent another 2 billion years on that cliff face, undisturbed.
He reaches water.

A dense Jungle appears in front of him. Before he even steps into it, a roaring dinosaur (yet to choose what one) charges out of the jungle after him
Not knowing how to fight or what aggression or danger is. He is still.

The Man and the Dinosaur both plummet off the cliff into the deep waters.
As he turns around…

The Man is fished up by pre Egyptian crocodile hunters on the Nile. Using his knowledge of the world and how things grow, he showed them how to farm. It was long before he became essentially the Great Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
Also he felt no sympathy, so he had slaves
build the pyramids etc.

However, the humans grew jealous of his knowledge and betrayed him…
The Human world and the rise, betrayal and fall.
1 min -

After escaping Death (as he can’t die, duh). He decides to use his knowledge to preach good…

Thus becoming… (not to offend anyone)
Trial and Error

And then…