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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

1MileJobs“Local Jobs for Local People”Juan Dela CruzZeeshan AkramHamza MohamedSam BurkiAbubakar Ahmed

Individual RolesJuan Dela Cruz – App founder, Team supervisor, HTML and CSS coder.Zeeshan Akram – Research and Main Actor in informational video.Hamza Mohamed - Video Director and Editor.Abu Smalls – Graphics and Logo developer.Sam Burki – PHP & SQL coder

Who we are?Being broke university students, we are always looking for jobs. That started the idea of developing an app to find jobs.There are a lot of apps already with this in mind but there aren’t many implementing the user’s location to it’s advantage.We’ve noticed a trend on how modern apps utilise a smartphone’s ability to send its location and we wanted to use that very essence and implement in our own way.Job apps are sometimes very difficult to use and finding a local job can be troublesome.Thus bearing all this in mind, 1MileJobs was born. Its a simple, straightforward app to help local people find local jobs in a fast and convenient way.

What we offer?A simple and easy to use interface.Strictly a mobile app (due to the use of smartphone’s location).Local job vacancies directly notifies user through Push notifications.1 Page CV PDF upload that is tied to a user’s profile. For ease of use when applying.Employer can set a maximum amount of applications to consider.Instant interview option where approved user’s can attend interviews that are going on that day.

Logo DevelopmentWe chose blue as it’s a clean and professional. Plus some of the biggest technology/media companies are using it i.e. Facebook, Twitter.We decided using the arrow icon as most iPhone users distinguish this as the icon on the top of their phone, when their phone is using location services.Abu then came up with ideas on how our logo would look like.Abu also came up wit these alternative logos:

Finalised Logo

App DevelopmentThe app is made up of HTML and CSS. I used these languages as it’s the most simple and appropriate to use.We also made a mobile friendly version of HTML so that smartphones can SQL will be implemented in the final part of our project and as its still in development not much can be said. However, it will store all the information on the back end and we will retrieve it through PHP.We have only been doing doing PHP in the past two weeks, due to the previous lectures having been more focused on preparation, planning and research.

App Prototype – Home PageTop HalfBottom Half

App Prototype – Search Results PageTop HalfBottom Half