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Published May 20, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Insured Portfolio
The perfect one stop solution
Sovereign Society, May 2013

About NMG
The NMG Group (
Over 600 employees worldwide
Operations in 16 countries
Financial & actuarial consulting
Personal financial planning

Zurich, Liechtenstein, Dubai (in process)
Licensed & supervised by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority
Licensed & supervised by Self-Regulating Organization VQF
Licensed & supervised by Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority
Wealth planning and management
Approx. USD 2.5 bn

challenging environment (institution)
Special reporting for American clients
Conflict with domestic laws (e.g. banking secrecy, client protection laws)
Strict reporting requirements, but, you may not get the information that you need
U.S. license required (also if not operating in the U.S.)


challenging environment (investors)

Most foreign financial institutions don‘t accept American clients
Many foreign investments are not available to Americans (funds, structured products etc.)
Tax penalties on many foreign investments (PFIC/CFC/ etc.)
Strict reporting requirements, but, you may not get the information that you need
Personal planning needs: asset protection, estate planning, tax optimization

You need a holding structure!

Holding structure

Don‘t go directly – use a holding structure!
Most traditional international holding structures have come under pressure!

Ideal Holding Structure
In addition to covering your needs the ideal holding structure:

Easy to set-up

Easy to understand

You keep control

Universally accepted

No „fishy“ offshore touch


PPPs: a smart alternative
The basic structure:

Persons involved in a policy

Policy holder: person who owns the policy (private individual or legal entity/trust)

Person insured: person to whose life the term of the policy is linked (private individual, joint insured possible)

Beneficiary: Person/ entity who receives the pay-out at death

Arbiter (optional): person with special rights similar to trust protector

The Benefits
Access to investment universe with no restrictions due to citizenship

Utmost privacy (not secrecy!)

Easy and separate estate planning

Tax deferred or free growth

No PFIC and CFC rules

Easy and clear reporting

Rock solid asset protection (if set up correctly, policies cannot be seized)

Internationally accepted and „transportable“

Fully compliant

TAX preferred growth is important
Investment: 1.000.000
Rate of Return: 8%
Annual TAX: 25%
Annual TAX PFIC: 48%

Where to go: Liechtenstein

Over 150 years of joint insurance law and industry with Switzerland.
Member of European Economic Area (EEA), but not in the European Union.
Since 1996 own & more advantageous insurance law and industry.
Gateway to international markets for Swiss Insurers.
Growing position in the Pension market.
Worldwide best client-protection laws:

Insurance secrecy law (TIEA with U.S, since 2009)
Asset protection law
Investor’s protection by law
Enormous product flexibility

Set-up procedure

Application to be completed and signed outside of the U.S.

Passport copy required: personal identification or notarised passport copy

Disclosure of source of funds

Confirmation that account was reported

Transfer of funds to the insurer’s main account

Set-up of segregated sub-account with Bank

Issue of policy document

Investment options
Swiss Strategy Portfolio
Asset Manager: Robert Vrijhof
traditionally managed portfolio (stocks, bonds and some precious metals)
No hedge funds, no futures, no leverage
very well balanced
mostly non-USD: EUR, NOK, AUD, NZD etc..
First class hedge against a declining USD

Book – Bestseller in 3 categories

Achieve your goals

Easy to setup and maintain

Flexible to adjust/ change/ cancel

You are compliant!