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Aligning learning and talent in a law firm

Published Dec 3, 2014 in Business & Management
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Hints & tips for getting started

This short whitepaper will help you take first steps into aligning your learning and talent in your organisation. Having diverse learners, with different demands, learning habits and attributes might seem like an obstacle to making organisational learning work for everyone. But if you know where to start and focus on the right things, then you can make learning and talent work well together within your firm.


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Presentation Slides & Transcript A ligning learning & talent in 21 st century law firm Hints & tips for getting started Introduction One of the biggest obstacles learning and development professionals face is the diversity of their learners. It makes aligning learning with talent So how do you approach such a challenge? learning and talent work well together within your firm. We hope you find them useful! HINTS & TIPS for getting started Start from getting to know your learners learn to do their job better and faster. Ask them what their aspirations are and what would they like to achieve at work. Find out how they like to learn, when and where. This all might help you find the best learning solutions for your workforce and identify gaps that might be significant in the success of your learning and development strategy. This will also allow you to recognise the hidden talent in your firm. Hint: - one of the best solutions to getting to know your learners is social learning and the tools social learning technology has to offer. Blogs, forums, live chats, ability to promote internal experts (potential mentors in your firm), status updates, and so on all these give you an impressive variety of ways in which you can reach your workforce and learn what they really want. For more information on how social learning can help you, read this guide with 8 simple steps to introducing social learning successfully to your workforce. Create a platform with on - demand learning The first place people turn to to find information they need to perform in their job is the internet. The problem with the internet is the sea of information that fills it. also the issue of the validity of the information they find. How do you know your data out there. Anyone can become an expert on the internet. Hint : Take control over that and build a learning platform where people can easily and quickly find the information they need to do their jobs. Support your learning resources with tools such as reviews, recommendations, sharing features and knowing your employees). Navigate and give direction to your staff learning technologies and assume people will take advantage of it. They need navigation and direction. Once you identify what your learners really want, make it available to them but make sure you keep it for them. Suggestion: You might want to read - to learn more about giving instant access to relevant information to your learners, and how to support self - paced learning. Support your employees in their CPD professional development with its staff. CPD plays a vital role in career progression, motivation and satisfaction. Consider incorporating CPD into your learning and development and talent have the opportunity to map the CPD objectives to the corporate objectives. within the organisation and should be managed as such. Hint : There is now learning technology available that incorporates CPD progress. Have a look around ! Suggestion: You can find a CPD management tool on our website. Are you READY to START? We hope you enjoyed reading our mini guide. It should have given you an idea on what to focus your attention on when thinking of aligning learning and talent in your firm . You might want to have a look at the latest social learning platform, altoconnect , And as an additional read, we also suggest an article inspired by Towards Maturity Managing Director, Laura expert on organisational learning and development, titled: Labelling learners vs. what do learners really want Now off you go to learn something new about your learners! In the meantime, if you have any questions or need more information on the CPD tool, social learning or the best learning technology for your organisation . You can contact us on . a better experience!