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10 Mobile Application Framework Must Know to Launch New App

Published May 16, 2013 in Programming
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10 Mobile Application Framework Must Know to Launch New App... Read more Mobile App Development for a Beginner is tough job. We selected 10 framework for both experienced or beginner Mobile App Developers. Good Luck for your career as App Developer.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

10 Mobile Application Framework Must Know to Launch New App

Web developers can easier their task by using frameworks & libraries by focusing on creativity instead of checking out stuff. Instead of recreating the procedure, you can take help of popular framework or library to create the real mobile app, website or application. 10 Mobile Application Framework Must Know to Launch New App The web developers can design the appropriate application from these frameworks, be it for desktop or mobile. The creation of application and web development need to be fast and creative in place of checking out the technical and rest of the features or stuff. The article comprises a list of new frameworks that helps you to design or develop desktop application. If picked smartly, may be the result will appear more effectively.

For building mobile web applications JavaScript library has an open source library DHTMLX developers to bring attractive and cross platform web applications for mobile and various touch - screen devices. It is a compatible framework with the major web browsers for diverse mobile platforms. Applications created with DHTMLX Touch runs smoothly on Android - based smartphones, iPad , iPhone and various other devices. 1. DHTMLX Touch HTML5 JavaScript Framework for Mobile

2. The - M - Project - to build great mobile app. It is open source software that provides you full flexibility for your development. You can build commercial and free app with this framework.

3. Not Just A Grid in the rapid prototyping and development of websites. It include different stylesheets consists of covering multi - column layouts, typography, forms and tables. It has designed for future and use of CSS3 for progressive enhancement along with maximum user experiences.

DHTMLX Touch Visual Designer is an immediate and simple way to build web interfaces for your mobile apps. User needs to simple drag and drop the required component into the Visual Designer and arrange their properties. 4. DHTMLX Touch Visual Designer

jQuery - mobile - 960 focus to provide flexibility to jQuery - mobile layout and make it appropriate for the easy use on tablets. It is a port of 960 grid to jQuery mobile that blend the flexibility of with ease of jQuery handset. 5. 960 Grid on jQuery - Mobile

6. MobDis MobDis allows designers to create launch and get engage in sharing with rich will drag and drop the interface to design the site quickly even with the existing procedure. It enables to create rich media mobile web apps and advertisements without coding.

7. Treesaver. js Treesaver framework is based on JavaScript and it helps for creating magazine - style layouts that effectively acclimates wide variety of browsers and devices. Designers use standards - compliant HTML and CSS for design and content. It works without any JavaScript programming.

8. Gury Gury applications. You can build a canvas tag, resize, add renderable objects, animate those objects, style it and place it anywhere on a single page.

Built on top of the jQuery library, Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework. The goal is to easier the procedure of designing professional image galleries for web and diverse mobile devices. 9. Galleria

Framework jFormer is written on the top of jQuery that allows you to immediately generate nice and standards compliant forms. . jFormer helps you create web forms as follows: Validate client - side Validate server - side Process without changing pages (using AJAX) 8. jFormer

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