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8 ways to support global workforce with learning technologies

Published Dec 1, 2014 in Technology
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This visual presentation contains 8 valid reasons why you should be using learning technologies to support your globally dispersed employees.

Embracing and measuring social learning, mobile learning, e-learning, LMS, virtual classroom or live online learning, other learning platforms – all these can greatly influence learning process, development and engagement of your workforce.

There’s much to learning technologies you might not have realised before, so give it a go and have a look at these slides. And enjoy!

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

8 EASY WAYS to support global workforce with learning technologies

#1 Embrace social learning This informal way of learning is much encouraged by learning technologies. The variety of social learning tools makes it possible for L&D team to not only participate in social learning among their workforce but also give it direction and measure it!

#2 Build global learning community Learning technologies allow you to build networks among dispersed staff and make it possible for people across the world to easily communicate and learn from each other, which otherwise would be impossible!

# 3 Instant access to relevant information One of the most important needs learners have raised is the immediate access to the information they need to complete their work. Through learning technologies employees have access to just - in - time information as and when they need it to do their job.

#4 Support workforce on the move Innovation and technology have changed the way people work and learn. Learning technologies greatly support a workforce that is constantly on the move, away from the office.

#5 Satisfy different learner styles Each learner is an individual. They have different learning habits and needs. Some prefer e - learning when others like to learn by watching videos or train in a virtual classroom. Learning technologies provide a platform where everyone will find a training method that suits their learning style best.

# 6 Create a journey for your learners Link different elements of learning with each other, for example mobile learning with e - learning , and create a longer learner journey for your workforce. Such approach makes learning more engaging, and as a result more effective !

#7 Track learning progress of your staff When using learning technologies, people leave a record of what applications they used, what they did and learned as a result. Learning technologies give you the ability to monitor and report progress , which is a benefit when it comes to compliance training .

# 8 Make it yours, engage better Learning technologies can be styled and personalised to your brand and culture. Personalising your technology means greater engagement from your learners as they portray the application they are using as part L&D strategy . a better experience!