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AS: Graphics Exam Presentation Research

Published May 14, 2013 in Design
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

AS: Graphics ÒCovert & ObscureÓ - ! Secrets - ! Isolate

Mind-map! (Secrets)

Mind-map! (Isolate)

This image wonderfully reflects how some individuals suffering from certain mental illnesses Ð that affect their ability to interact and socialize with others Ð are figuratively trapped within their own minds. In some cases they are mentally capable to converse and interact with others, but they are limited physically and find themselves in a situation where they are trying to Ôbreak outÕ of themselves; causing great distress and frustration in the process. As briefly described, some of the best images have environments that reflect the inner feeling of the individuals theyÕre describing. Such as a room with no ornaments and just the bare basics needed to live, show that they have very little in their lives and are surrounded by very little. Blacked out windows restricting natural light show how they have been cut off from the outside world, night and day merge into one where it is just a consistent existence with no substance. Image Analysis!

The next image is a rather generic representation of loneliness, the actual individual is not the focus point of the image; as he is so small and off center, it shows how insignificant he has become. The footprints in the sand are made by a single pair of feet, showing how no one else has come this way before, and neither has anyone followed him; again emphasizing how solitary this figure has become. This final graphic is similar to the previous one, in that this large table on holds two pair of gloves, this may be interpreted that not many people visit this place for them to be able to store their things. On the other hand it may be showing that the two sets of gloves belong to two separate people, but they have been placed very far apart from each other, at opposite ends; perhaps suggesting how these individuals cannot interact properly. [Image analysis]

Artist Analysis: Andy Denzler Born 1965 in Zurich. Works in Zurich. Studied at university of California. Master of fine arts, Chelsea College of art and design, London. ! This artist links to our word as his work mainly has someone whoÕs lonely, which shows us that they are isolated. Also this artistÕs work is all blurred which implies that the people in the image are trying to hide, fade away or become invisible. This is linked to people who isolate themselves as they try to be alone or become invisible so that no one tries to interact with them. ! The artist mainly uses black and white in his work. Black is a dark and dull colour this shows us what emotions the photo is reflecting, as most of the images are black and white this shows us that the people in the image are depressed or upset about something.

Visual Responses!