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Published Jan 30, 2017 in Health & Medicine
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Why should you buy an orthopaedic mattress instead of the common ordinary ones?

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Guide to Choosing an Orthopedic Mattress

After a long day at work, the fuzz on the streets, and the traffic you mettle as you went home, nothing beats the idea of a good night’s rest. And after all the day’s hassles, nothing is more rewarding than yourself feeling the layers of the mattress on your bed.Great, right? But take note that while you may be looking for comfort when you sleep, you also must consider laying on a really good and quality mattress. Of course, you just don’t look at how soft or thick they are, you also have to consider personal needs and preferences.  

For instance, do you usually experience back, neck, and joint pains? Common type of bed foam purchased by people experiencing the same is a quality orthopedic mattress. But this does not mean if you do hurt your back asleep especially if pain is worse in the morning, you’re gonna go get yourself an orthopaedic mattress. Usage of these types of foam must be recommended by a doctor as these kinds of bed foam have special pressure relieving properties that ensure you maintain a good posture while you sleep.OK. It may be a given that you do need treatment for your back aches. But how about another family member who also share the same sleep area does not need, say, a specialised type of mattress?

You don't have to worry about compromising heath then. Different mattress shop Singapore offer a variety of types of bed foam.  Sommeil Terre for one offers the best memory foam mattress. The best not because it is popular or soft or comfortable---well, they are, but that’s not just the reason. These memory foam mattresses are the best as they are guaranteed to last for more than 20 years (yes, that's two decades) and they adjust according to a user's’ body contours! It simply adopts the body’ temperature. This means that it reforms itself depending on who is using it. It regains its original shape when not use. Add to that that Sommeil Terre memory foam and orthopaedic mattress are made from high grade coil underneath high quality upholstery.

Why should you buy an orthopaedic mattress instead of the common ordinary ones? Here’s why:It helps reduce back pain felt on a daily basisIt adopts to your body’s contour which means it gives not just back support but whole body most especially on the spineIt gives more comfort compared to very firm mattressesIt has a better product life (10-20 years) and comes with insurance. So, it’s cheap and very worth itIt localises support around one body only. This means that though it supports body shape, it does not make a rollover effect wherein a depression is created that causes the other person beside you to roll over you.

However, take note of this one tip if you have already decided that you are going to pick a new mattress. Be sure that you do not do it at the end of the day when you are tired. Why? Because an exhausted body tricks you to believing that every mattress you feel with your hands is as comfortable as you need them to be.