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How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Published Apr 23, 2013 in Business & Management
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Here is some Tips For Mobile marketing by Opti Matrix Solution- a web development Company. The potential audience attached to mobile marketing means there’s always something you can be doing to grow your opt-in list and get more people declaring their loyalty to the brand

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

1 How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Stats show that every mobile marketing campaign has the possibility of reaching up to 1.08 billion smartphone users around the world. Unless your brand has done the unthinkable by sending a message to every single one of these device owners, this can always room for improvement! The potential audience attached an be doing to grow your opt - in list and get more people declaring their loyalty to the brand. Every week news sites packed with fresh articles detailing how a brand is using mobile advertising in a highly innovative way to attract cus tomers. Their taglines, use of ambassadors and imagery might set them apart in some ways, but beneath this glitzy presentation is a basic strategy pulling everything together. how big brands are reaping big rewards from their mobile activity. QR co des When an opted - in customer receives an SMS mobile marketing take up the offer by By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

2 simply replying the brand, get involved. They were required to sign up to the mailing list online, provide their phone number, and then reply to the messages. That was until QR cod es replaced this lengthy process with one quick scan. This type of matrix barcode is designed for attaching to promotional material and allows Smartphone users to connect with a brand instantly hence the full name of Quick Response Code. One scan of the small logo through phone camera sends a custom - SMS gateway. This can display any message, win hospitality tickets to the Man City simple fo r both parties to use and a proven brand booster. MMS Ever get the feeling that character limits are holding you back? That Multi - media messaging provide one of the best alternatives to o utdoor advertising if you lack the necessary finance to get a campaign up and running. You can use the same ideas you had for billboard advertising but broadcast the message to your target audience instead. The picture should be striking, ideally in a way likely to spark a favourable response, while outlining offer with as few words as possible. Big image; big headline; big results. Coupons By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

3 , people are less inclined to use a coupon if it comes offeri ng coupons through Smartphone technology. The customer opens up the message to reveal the barcode. The 25p saved without having to carry a wad of newspaper clippings. It allows customers to make the most of the opted into. Regular updates bound to increase your rates of satisfaction. Text them when you have received their order, when payment has been taken in and when it has been dispat ched with a delivery time estimate. Keeping customers in the loop should generate positive word of mouth and is a sure fire wire of securing repeat business. You do Doctors texting appointment reminders, banks sending alerting their customers when their latest statements are ready online. Regular updates will keep your brand on the mind of the customer whi le acting as a virtual calendar for their small matters. Technology operating in the best interests of both parties should always be utilized. By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company