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Published Apr 20, 2013 in Travel
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It is completely free guide and you will learn a lot about selling and buying the tickets. You will find it very easy to read and understand

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Top 10 things about The Tickets Guide

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A free and easy to understand guide

It is completely free guide and you will learn a lot about selling and buying the tickets. You will find it very easy to read and understand. The Tickets Guide is perfect for ticket sellers, brokers, fans, and people who are interested in the buying and selling of tickets. You will learn a lot about to get best tickets without paying any kind of premium. The resellers of tickets will learn that how to get excellent tickets and maximize their profits. And people interested in becoming broker of tickets will come to know about proper buying and selling of tickets efficiently.

How to prepare for a ticket sale?

All the brokers, sellers and fans always want to get best seats when they are looking for tickets for a specific event. But, you must be well prepared before tickets sale starts, in order to get the best seats. If you are ready for ticket sale, you will probably get the best tickets. However, you should follow some important things before doing so. It has been experienced that people who are well prepared before the sale of tickets, get the better tickets than those who are not. So, it is highly recommended that you must be well prepared before the sale of tickets starts, so that you may get the best seats in the event.

Presales Tickets

Just before the public sales, presale of the tickets starts. These tickets are goods because very few people are trying to search for these tickets because of the password requirements. So, it is a good chance for you to get the better seats during the public sales of tickets. The bad thing about these tickets is that there are very limited tickets available for sale and you need a password to participate in it. Normally, one 10 % or 12 % seats are available. It is also a fact you will not have complete access to the all seats that are available for the event and you will require a password to take part in it. Presale password for tickets is usually sold for $2 to $10 on different websites including eBay. You may also not get opportunity to buy tickets because of their limited availability.

Public Sales tickets
Public sales for an event are in easy access and you can buy these tickets without any kind of password. Public sales are best for all the fans because these are openly available for your favorite event and you do not need any password to get them. So, you will get an easy access to all of the seats of your favorite events without the need of password. The negative aspect of public sales is that these tickets are in easy access because of their open availability and any person can easily participate in them. For this reason, you will find a huge demand for these tickets.

Determining the profitability

You just get the pair of best tickets for the hot favorite event. The best way to see if your ticket will provide you with profit is to search for the event on different popular sites like Stubhub and Ebay and compare the prices of tickets of similar tickets to your own. Moreover, try to browse through the whole Ebay auctions to predetermine your profit ratio. This is a great and simple way to set a price of your tickets and make a lot of money. If you think that you are on risk of loss then try to cancel the tickets as soon as possible.

When to sell tickets

If you are sure that you will make profit after selling your tickets then you can participate in 7 day EBay fixed price auction of tickets, the same day you obtained them. You can make a huge amount of profit with the help of fixed priced auction but this method is risky because it takes long time to sell your tickets. Also, look for the auction for the tickets of same event. But if you don’t want to take any risk, then just start with 1 day auction of tickets on the same day. Find out the bids. In case bids are not too high for you to make profit, then cancel the auction and also try to cancel the tickets as well.

Tickets for hot events are always in demand these days. You can make money with the help of these tickets by following The Tickets Guide.

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