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Integrated Marketing Combining Online and Offline World

Published Apr 17, 2013 in Business & Management
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In this post we Opti Matrix Solution- Web Design Company will give you key tips to ensure your company efficient integration! When planning a comprehensive marketing plan, we find some barriers such as lack of the great benefits of the Internet or the lack of congruence between what is being communicated in traditional media and digital media.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

1 Integrated Marketing: Combining Online and Offline World A major challenge for any company that wants to enter into the digital world, they have to make a plan of i ntegrated marketing. When planning a comprehensive marketing plan, we find some barriers such as lack of the great benefits of the Internet or the lack of congruence between what is being communicated in traditional media and digital media. In this post we will give you key tips to ensure your company efficient integration! Key aspects of successful integration Target Market Clearly define the target market is one of the cornerstones of your business. Are there differences between your target market online and offline? There are really no different audiences, the product is aimed at the same target either online or offline. Yo ur company does not yet have By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

2 a significant online clientele does not mean that your target market just buy off the Internet. Objectives and KPIs Upon integrating online and offline tools are very important to set goals ators) to help track the objectives. Besides thinking about results at short, medium and long term as not all the results can be achieved simultaneously. Tools Now knowing the market and taking into account the objectives you want to achieve, you have to define what means, strategies and actions are best to reach them. The online world has multiple tools but not all cater You need to know how they are interacting both channels and f ind out what tools combine best for each product or service. Institutional Identity Companies continually emit messages around whether or not intentional. The corporate identity is the physical manifestation of the brand and through companies to transmi t their identity and demonstrators, showing it to the public. By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

3 Does your company have a brand manual? It designed the outlines of the image of a company or institu tion so that there is a visual coherence of your logo, stationery, local facilities, the same message according to the objective of each piece. Content Strategy A major challenge for co mpanies is to create content related to your brand that include interesting and relevant information and adapt it to your target audience. If you want to integrate your actions offline with the online world, you must be clear that you must move from a pure ly commercial communication strategy of quality content or Inbound Marketing to provide value to the recipients. To properly define your content strategy, you have to know what information your customers need, what image you want to convey about your compa ny in social media and how you will. The traditional marketing communications cannot be used in the same way in the online world, as each channel requires a type of communication different , though, keep in mind that whenever there is a consistency between the different posts . Allies for your Web Strategy Website and Blog Both your website as your corporate blog is the business card of your company on the Internet. In the first you can talk about your company, its philosophy, values, products and / or services and you can even use it as a sales channel. By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

4 Importantly, not only about how many visitors you have on your site, but you should know and know who the se visitors and control their statistics on the web with various tools such as Google Analytics. Instead, your blog can provide content of interest to your users for free and with intent to position your company as a reference of a certain industry and mak e your clients trust it. Furthermore, it will become the platform that will distribute new content to social networks. Also note the SEO and keywords to improve the visibility of your website and blog in the organic results of different search engines. So cial Networks As explained above, in your content strategy have to be clear about what information your customers need to know what content to share. Besides being willing to share, listen and generate conversation that nurtures both parties. That also mea ns being aware of what your audience has to say about you , always respond, acknowledge the comments and monitor these actions. If your company decides to be on social networks, then you must be aware that it will be a recurring job which should designate a person to take care of it as the Community Manager. Among the greatest benefits of social networking highlights the fact be an additional channel of site visits which are qualified as well as being a tool that helps increase loyalty branding and can gene rate external links pointing to our site. Social networks also influence the SEO! Lately, it has been found that the links shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, L the rankings of these websites in search engines like Google. This process is called Social SEO. By : Opti Matrix Solution - Web Development Company

5 Email Marketing Currently considered that email is the most effective channel of communication that generates optimal results in onlin e marketing activities. One of the great advantages and benefits of the Email Marketing is the ability to interact directly with your customers and prospects distributed in any geographic location and the ability to segment your target to increase the effe ctiveness of your actions saving time and costs. Besides the Email Marketing Power your actions on social networks in the same way that generates more traffic to your website and blog. For good email marketing campaign will need to set the objectives of ea ch campaign, the target market to which you will address the send and tools or reports to measure results and optimize your strategy. We hope that this guide will serve to take your first steps on your comprehensive marketing strategy. Want to contribute s ome ideas that have worked in your company? We want to hear your experiences. Written by Opti Matrix Solution is a web development company that offers cutting edge web Design services. Optiinfo offers a wide range of iPhone application development and SEO Services. S