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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Decision toDeclare IndependenceWhat conditions prompted the colonists to declare independence from Britain?

The Colonies on their ownFor the most part, up until the mid-1700’s, the colonies and British government were satisfied with each other.News about the colonies and orders from the monarchs took 2 months to travel back and forth. Because of this, the governors and the legislatures dealt with every day business. This led to self-governing.

Until…. Two important events1. French and Indian War (French and Indians vs. the British): War over lands of what is now Pennsylvania and Ohio. Native Americans fought along side the French against the British (Gwashington)By 1756, other nations had become involved, Great Britain ended up winning in 1763 and gained control of the Eastern third of the continent.The war was costly to Britain, and they believed colonist should pay the debt. Britain also maintained a standing army to defend against Native American rebellions.

French and Indian WAr

King George IIIKing George III becomes King of Great Britain in 1760, to help pay for the war, the king levied taxes on tea, sugar, glass, paper and other products.The Stamp Act of 1765 imposed direct taxes on the colonists for legal documents, pamphlets, newspapers, dice and playing cards.

More Rebellion stirs…Committee of Correspondence: Colonists opposed to British rules organized to communicate with each other (led by Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry)Protested the Stamp Act and other restrictions; The Boston Tea PartySent a petition to King George saying that only colonists could levy a direct tax on themselves.

Continental CongressIn 1774, delegates met in Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress to decide what to do about the relationship with Britain.Decided to impose an embargo on Britain and boycott British goods.King George III announced that the “New England governments were in the state of rebellion. Blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country or independent.”Led to April 19, 1775, the “shot heard around the world” at Lexington and Concord, start of Revolutionary War.

Second Continental CongressWithin weeks, delegates from all 13 colonies gathered in Philadelphia for the Second Continental Congress.They immediately assumed the power of the central government and elected John Hancock President (of the Congress).

Second Continental CongressOrganized an army and nave and made plans to issue money.Appointed George Washington Commander of the Continental ArmyServed as acting government through the war.

From French and Indian War to declaring independenceThomas Paine we get to looking at the Declaration of Independence, what were the conditions that prompted the colonists to want independence?Do you think they were justified?