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Top 5 SEO Tools and Tips

Published Apr 6, 2013 in Business & Management
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The most effective SEO Tools can help you to save your time and speed up your process. It allows you to focus on important topics

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Top 5 SEO Tools and Tips

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The most effective SEO Tools can help you to save your time and speed up your process. It allows you to focus on important topics. It becomes extremely difficult to choose the right one because you will find a lot of tools to boost your site rank.
To enable you to find the right one for your website, we are discussing Top 5 SEO Tools for your specific SEO jobs. Some of these tools are free of cost and some require a paid subscription. It is good for you to have free trail so that you may decide which is best for your marketing needs.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is probably the most popular keyword tool for online marketers. This tool is the most efficient one and helps you to find related keywords for your business requirements. You can also see that how many searches these keywords get per month, globally and locally. You should always decide the keyword with the maximum searches that are strongly related your online business and website. You can end up with great key word list starting point and export this date in to excel sheets for manipulations. As a tool Google Adwords Keyword is freely available. You should also know that figures produced by this tool are not always accurate and you will need to know the difference between the board match and exact figures, at the time of your keyword research.

Google Analytics

The better site ranking is very important in all search engines. As an internet marketer, you should always keep in mind that your end goal is to make money from your online business. With the help of ecommerce tracking and Google Analytics, we can check all the things we need to know. We can adjust our SEO campaign over the time by deciding that which keyword can work efficiently for our website and business viewpoint. You can learn many things from Google Analytics if you want to improve the page ranking of your existing site. It will help you to derive the maximum number of traffic to your site by pulling out the keywords. You can easily see which keyword actually help you to maximize your profit and sales by usingGoogle Analytics.


SEOmoz is the best and most popular keyword tool. You can find this key word tool all over the places for many great factors. It will help you to combine amazing recourses and tools to develop a wonderful improve and learn the knowledge of SEO. One great thing that no other SEO tool offers is that SEOmoz will provide you the latest tips, trainings and amazing resources. With the help of Q&A system, you can ask for recommendations from a professional SEO expert.
If you want to know more about Link Wheel and Back Links then you can get the help from OSE or Open Site Explorer feature of SEOmoz. This feature will enable you to compare the popularity of your site with regards toBack Links. It will also help you to find social mentions and SEOmoz’s own Page Authority metrics and Domain Authority.


MajesticSEO tool is commonly used for the purpose of back linking. This tool is very beneficial for you because it helps you to find extremely beneficial data about your website and yours competitors website. This tool will help you to find relevant links that you can also acquire. It will also help you to find the strategies that your competitors are using to drive a great number of traffic to their sites. It is very easy to discover the strategies used by your competitors and you can use the same things to boost your site in the search engines. Another tool of Majestic SEO is back link history tool which help you to find relevant back links for a number of sites.

Ontolo is another great SEO tool for back linking purpose. Its key function is to locate quality and relevant links prospects. Just let the Ontolo know about your specific keyword, and then it will scour around the World Wide Web and come back with the bulk of useful linksprospects for you. You can then use these link prospects to find appropriate link opportunities for SEO campaign.

SEO tools work very efficiently to boost your site rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can choose the best SEO tools for your specific needs to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

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