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Robert Downey Jr

Published Apr 5, 2013 in Entertainment
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This is something I made about Robert. He is amazing..I know, Ignore the Jr. after Susan Downey. I keep doing that by accident.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Robert Downey Jr.
By Me
Get ready to internally scream because of sexual frustration

Some things about RDJ
He was born on April 4, 1965
He's married to Susan Downey Jr.
He's got two kids: Indio and Exton
He owned (or still owns) a mother fucking llama.
He was married to Deborah Falconer (but he and Susan were meant to be so..)

Robert and Susan
This is here because Susan is fucking amazing, alright? You can't tell me otherwise.
tell me they aren't perfect together.
I wish I had a relationship like them..if I had a relationship I mean

His Acting
His acting is amazing, okay? I can't even. I mean, when this guy gets into character..he becomes that person. When I watch him on screen, I'm'm so amazed. He's brilliant.
Now here is a list of some movies he has been in:
1) Due Date
2) Sherlock Homes
3) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
4) Two Girls and a Guy
5) Avengers
6) The Iron Mans (1,2,3)
7) Love and Distrust

8) The Soloist
9) Tropic Thunder
10) Charlie Bartlett
11) Zodiac
12) The Singing Detective
13) Only You
14) Johnny Be Good
15) The Pick-Up Artist
there is a whole lot more but you know what this slide is only so big.
I snuck in a pic of Robert from Tropic Thunder. you're welcome. (yes..he's playing a black dude)

Robert With Children
You know you like it when you see a picture of Robert with kids. You go you amazing father dude!
in my book that makes a guy 52322948934 times more attractive.
this is extremely cute.

What He's Got to Say
I'm just gonna let the pictures do all the talking
I don't care if you've seen them before. Just enjoy the fucking pictures and gifs.
this fucker needs to stop ruining the lives of young females.

His Style
So not only he is an amazing actor, great father and husband, handsome, and hilarious...HE'S FUCKING STYLISH. What kind of fuckery is this?

His Strength
You know what I'm talking know exactly what I'm talking about. Robert Fucking Downey Jr. went through a hard time in his life and he hit the bottom pretty hard. But you know what he did, he got his shit together and came back twice as good. Robert, I fucking applaud you.
there are so many people going through this today and it pains me because nobody should have to go through that. Nobody should have to have their life sucked away as they gradually fell deeper and deeper into a hole. And when they hit the ground they hit it pretty fucking hard. I don't understand it but I really want those people to get better. I want that with every fiber of my being.

The End
Well now you know why I love this crazy little shit. So...I hope you love him too, and if you don't...well that's okay because he's Robert Downey Jr. and I'm not even going to finish this sentence. I respect your opinions.

here is Robert seductively biting his lip. Pretend it is for you.
look..Robert is dancing. enjoy..