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Published Aug 3, 2016 in Technology
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

iAutomation Systems & SolutionsEmbedded Automation PC2016Q2Cloud-enabled HMI Edge GatewayUNO-1251G

Trend of IoTConnectedBig DataiMaintenance Break communication barrier between devicesBreak space limitationFrom Proprietary System to Open ArchitectureFrom Data to DecisionFrom Reactive Repair to Proactive Maintenance Data processingAcquisitionStorageFiler & AnalysisBridge Operational Technologies (OT) with Information Technologies(IT)Remotely access , monitor & controlBackup & RecoverySecurity protection

The IoT Gateways solve the problem, enable to connect both old and new devices to cloud for providing seamless communicationSource: (1) McKinsey analysis (2)IMS ResearchThe number of devices connecting to the Internet growth 15~20% annually(1). However, there are 85% legacy devices without connection capability(2) which become barrier of adopting IoTValue of IoT Gateway

Distributed IIoT Architecture in smart factory

Modbus/TCPMQTTCloud ServerSCADA ServerEdge DevicesMoving from proprietary system to open architectureIIoT Edge gateway bring intelligence to machineSCADA ServerSupport 450 types PLC/controllers

MES Integration & Production TraceabilityCloud serverEasy to build up IoT structure with multiple protocols supportSupport 450 types of industrial PLC, controller & I/O device protocolsEasy conversion from 3rd PLC protocols to open communication protocol Modbus TCPPLCPLCPLC

Operators on siteImmediately & intuitively catch system status through OLED displayEngineers & Manager anywhereCentral control multiple UNO-1251G through DiagAnywhere utility on PCConveniently remote access through VNC software on mobile devices Operating Control VisualizationHMI Runtime Engine InterfaceRemote Access AnywhereCloud-enabled HMI – Production & Alarm Management

8DiagAnywhere Remote Maintenance Software

9User friendly Industrial IoT gateway design Ease of maintenanceIntuitive interface for system status diagnosisIP Address, system statusUser programmable APISelf-define message, font size, message prioritymicroSD & micro SIM card are easily accessed for maintenanceFall prevention mechanism of screwMultiple wireless choice with side accessible expansion slot

Reliable Industrial-grade IoT gateway design Best fit in Control Cabinet Applications

Multiple I/O interface includes CAN support

CAN protocolCAN protocols is widely used in automotive system and also be used as a fieldbus in industrial automationSaw cutting machineCAN is characterized by its real-time capability, synchronization and high speed. With CANopen architecture, object can be sensed and multiple cutting knives & rollers can move simultaneously to target position to precisely cut the object

Above examples should be changed accordingly with your product infoUNO-1251G Feature & Spec summaryProgrammable OLED display for system status notificationMultiple I/O interface includes CAN supportBuilt in FRAM for retaining critical dataCompatible with 450 types PLC/controller protocols by supporting WebAccess/HMI13

Ordering information14

Contact WindowAbove examples should be changed accordingly with your team info

UNO-1252GProgrammable OLED with LED indicatorsCANbus, 128K backup FRAM400+ PLC drivers supportWEC7/LinuxLED indicatorsiDoor Technology provides flexibilityIsolated digital I/O & COMYocto LinuxPLCPower MeterUNO-1251G