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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How to look like sam barks
a presentation by tumblr user fra-feelings

An introduction
So this is sam barks

Shes pretty gr9
Her talents include
being attractive
Wearing nice dresses
Ruining ppls lives
Pretty sure she also plays guitar
Having dimples

Probably acomplished more in 22 years than I will in my whole life
even if I adopt a shit ton of cats

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure
dimples im
wow u are not fair
Shes smiling like that bc she knows she ruins lives
sam imma have to ask u to leave
Sam more like wqtfydjnluvwy
Efduvwhsbkjc qm,fygufdjsbkan ,m
Dvbchjsksd andh

she was in the movie version of les mis
Taylor swift also suditioned for eponine but she didn’t get it trololrol
She played eponine
It was probably because she didn’t have dimples but that’s just my opinion
she was also in the 25 anniversary production of les mis
Also in the london version
Woah her skin is so smooth
She was also in Cabaret and Oliver and this disney tv show

She also wins a shit ton of awards
she was on this show called I’d do anything

she finished third but only bc ppl were jealous of her dimples
they renamed an island after her like what
she sang at the oscars that’s how fabulous she is

how to look like sam barks
pray to a deity of choice
pray some more
maybe sacrifice a chicken or something idek
cry and maybe someone will take pity on you

the end
Goodbye friends I am dead